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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lee Tim Sing Denies Filming "Rosy Business III"


Yesterday, producer Lee Tim Sing denied filming a third installment over the phone: "Made up! I am indeed producing a series in February of next year...have included Wayne Lai, but no Sheren Tang! If choosing female characters, I will use newcomers...considering JJ Jia and Christine Kuo! (Retiring?) Am retiring this year. Only orally promised TVB, starting next year, to film one series per year; however, the company said that I must film a series in February...really playing me!"

Personal Note: Guess this means that there are no hopes of Sheren taking part in Lee Tim Sing's upcoming series, so there's no point in calling it "Rosy III". It'll just be a non-modern series produced by Tim Gor and starring Wayne Lai.

JJ and Christine are definitely the 'it' girls right now! Even if they're not going to be in the series, they are still mentioned as potential candidates! :P

*Credits to orientaldaily


  1. I don't mind JJ but Christine? O_o I prefer Wayne's suggestion of Samantha Ko instead.

    My preference would be him pairing up with Elena Kong, Alice Chan, or Yoyo Mung.

    1. I second your suggestion! What's up with the constant mention of these two new actresses? Their acting isn't anything to praise about.

      Elena or Alice would be great choices while Yoyo would be refreshing if she pairs with Wayne.

  2. JJ over Christine any day, but LTS should probably just retire and stop recycling the same series!

    1. I agree with you Guru. Hey unless they make this a modern mafia series, there will be alot of recycled elements. Another premodern RB3 is just too boring!

    2. I think it would be hard for them to come up with a good modern storyline. Scriptwriters can get more creative when it is pre-modern. I'm just afraid because LTS has been recycling the same formula over and over again. Besides, LTS rarely does modern series.

    3. Agree about LTS recycling the same series. I felt RB2 recycled a lot of things from RB1 despite the different time setting. Susan Tse was basically playing the exact same character, and Ben Wong played the equivalent of Pierre Ngo's character.

  3. Anyone have a link to the article? I'm confused because there seem to be conflicting reports about "Rosy 3".

    1. To Lanie:


  4. booo!
    what?! JJ is wayy too young for Wayne, what's wrong with Tvb pairing female artist that are like 20 years younger than the male one! that is gross to be honest.
    bring back Sheren to film rosy business 3 instead!