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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kate Tsui Guest Starring in "A Great Way to Care II": Immediately Dying



Yesterday, Kate Tsui tried on her costume for the television series "A Great Way to Care II". Because of a schedule clash with a movie, she can only make a guest appearance. The producer will arrange for a sad storyline to explain her withdrawal. "Very unfortunate to not be able to collaborate with Alex Fong too much. The first installment talked about me overcoming my mental illness, resuming my post as a cop, and then dating him. This installment will talk about me dying when we were getting ready to get married. The producer said that, if a third installment were to be filmed, would give me a different character".

In September, Kate may be filming a series in Mainland. She hopes to be able to make arrangements in her schedule to promote the TVB series "Highs and Lows". "This year, I only have one series. Hope to get nominated in the anniversary awards...then able to think about winning an award".

Personal Note: Typical way for original characters to exit a sequel....

*Credits to mingpao


  1. Why do they always kill off the main character like this? Can't they just say she went overseas?! At least we won't have to deal with the unrealistic lookalike/twin if there's a third sequel! ><"

    1. To sport3888:

      Hate when there's a look-alike!

    2. Me too it's very unrealistic! This isn't a science fiction series you know! ><" Glad I'm most likely skipping the sequel.