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Friday, August 10, 2012

Julian Cheung and Fala Chen Filming "Triumph in the Skies II"


Ming Pao Clip


TVB's grand production "Triumph in the Skies II" has already begun filming. Yesterday, pilot Julian Cheung, who was driving a white Jaguar convertible, and Fala Chen, who had a punk girl look, were filming near the airport. In the series, the two will have a sky love fate. Fala's character will become a pilot; yesterday's airport filming was the scene in which Fala is determined to become a pilot.

When Fala was filming the scene of her raising her arms and shouting, Julian also came out to see Fala's performance. It has been said that many think that Julian is cooler than Francis Ng? After hearing this, Julian awkwardly smiled and promptly said, "Crazy! Who said so?" Fala, who was on the side, also could not hold back her laughter.

Yesterday morning, Fala and music company boss Herman Ho both accepted a radio interview together. Herman expressed that, after Fala finishes filming "Triumph", there are plans to hold a mini concert for her, and also fighting for her to sing a series theme...hope to be able to arrange for her to sing a duet with Julian.

Personal Note: Fala's punk look is similar to Jojo in "Links to Temptation".

Would have preferred a shorter haircut for Chi Lam.

Only want Eason Chan to sing the theme...hope that it will not be sung by Fala, especially since "Triumph" is a grand production.

*Credits to mingpao


  1. I agree Chilam should cut his hair shorter! He looks better with short hair this hair looks kinda old school and 90's.

    1. To sport3888:

      Expected Chi Lam's hair to have been shaved more on the sides (like Yeung Kwong in "Take My Word for It").

    2. I was actually hoping for the same hair he had in that movie "The First 7th Night" with Gordon Lam and Michelle Ye!

  2. Chilam and Fala can sing the subsong. I prefer a stronger singer for the theme.

    Fala's look doesn't suit her.

    1. Wouldn't even want them to sing a sub song, as it'll probably just end up being a lovey-dovey song. Also don't like Fala's singing.

  3. I really hope Eason sings the Triumph 2 themesong too for some continuity!

    I'm excited to see pictures from filming. I have some faith in Joe Chan producing a good sequel because he's doing a job with GJ2 in that there are many details that connect the original to the sequel.

    1. I don't think Triumph2 will follow the first installment much, seeing how Kenneth Ma's character Roy suddenly turned from a "slow" and honest person to a flirty pilot in the sequel...and it is also illogical how Issac will fall for someone who looks like his sister-in-law.

    2. From what I read, Kenneth's character changes after going to Taiwan since he gains more experience and independence. It's not that uncommon for people to change, especially within 10 years going from their twenties to their thirties. I think it would be more unbelievable if he stayed "slow" after being a pilot for so many years!

  4. I thought Fala's contract with her music company is ending and her boss has no plans to renew the contract.

    Prefer Eason too...if not I rather Chilam with Myolie than Chilam with Fala, or just Chilam alone would be fine!

  5. Chilam's hair looks good in CBWH.