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Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13 & Special

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13b

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13c

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13d

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13e

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 13f

"Tiger Cubs" Special

FYI: The 12th episode of "Tiger Cubs" averaged 25 points. The final episode averaged 30 points, and peaked at 36 points. The special averaged 23 points.

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Personal Note: Very exciting final episode! Did not expect any of the SDU members to die....

Love thief husband and thief wife! Since it did not show the aftermath of To Tin Yue, will he be returning in the sequel? ;)

Oscar Leung must have left immediately after the special, as he wasn't in any of the press coverage on the recording of the special.

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 12a

"Tiger Cubs" Episode 12b


  1. "Tiger Cubs" is an outstanding series! I really loved Vincent in here, but too bad that he died. He surely has potential. :)

    Kenneth and JJ were also great! Such a hot couple!

  2. "Love thief husband and thief wife! Since it did not show the aftermath of To Tin Yue, will he be returning in the sequel? ;)"

    Agree hyn5! Jessica has mentioned many times that MM was a successful thief, so To Tin Yue CAN possibly return in the sequel (not saying that she has say on who will make guest appearances)! Hehe! I actually want to see more of JJ because she and MM had nice "muk kai" in here! :D

    Also love Oscar's wink!

    Great series overall!

  3. I really loved this last episode. It had lots of drama and action. I was surprised that Vincent died but it was a cool way to die. haha.

    I'm so glad that Jessica didn't die! I kept expecting her to because she said so in an interview but I guess she was just trying to trick the audience?