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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ron Ng and Myolie Wu Film Bike Riding Scene for "Triumph in the Skies II"


Apple Daily Clip


Ron Ng and Myolie Wu were filming a bike riding scene in Shek O for the TVB series "Triumph in the Skies II". Ron was wearing sunglasses the entire time.

Asked about his current relationship with Viann Zhang, he said, "No comment. It's like never-ending. Feel sorry about having affected her. In short, still have contact with each other...are friends".

As for Francis Ng flaring up and yelling at someone during filming, Ron laughed about not being afraid: "Play brothers in the series. If punctual and familiar with the script, then not scared".

Personal Note: Ron does not look like Issac...he looks like Ron the artiste! :P

Why is Ron biking in an apron skirt?! o_O

*Credits to appledaily, headlinedaily, and the-sun


  1. TITS II director, producer! Cut Ron's hair! Give us Issac's image!

  2. The producer should've at least kept the same hair as Issac's previous image. I agree with hyn5, he looks more like Ron the artiste and not Issac the character.

    Really don't know why wearing a skit is the in thing in male fashion recently =/