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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lawrence Ng Filming "The Hippocratic Crush" Sequel to Help Save TVB



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


TVB has been suffering from a lack of siu sangs and fa dans. Recently, successfuly persuaded Lawrence Ng to return to film series to save TVB. Yesterday, Lawrence revealed having just signed a per series contract with TVB, filming the sequel of "The Hippocratic Crush" with Kenneth Ma. In order to make this happen, TVB was willing to accommodate Lawrence's money-making schedule at the end of the year, postponing the start of the filming to the beginning of February 2013...no wonder Lawrence kept saying that the conditions that TVB offered were very good.

Yesterday, Lawrence, Ada Choi, etc. did a recording for "Let's Play with Our Food", demonstrating their cooking skills in pairs. When asked whether he would be playing the role of Dr. Ching Chi Mei in the sequel of "Hippocratic", he said, "Don't know yet. TVB has also asked for opinions. I want to play an entirely new character...would be quite special to have Black Jack's one-eyed look. (Which female lead do you want to work with?) Asked Ada early on. She is very busy...doesn't have time". He asked in reply whether there were any good suggestions. Reporters suggested for him to look for Christine Kuo, who is recently being heavily promoted by TVB. He said that he never saw her before and also do not know her, but also gasped upon hearing that she is a pretty girl.

On the other hand, because the two had to demonstrate their cooking skills in the programme, Ada revealed that Lawrence was very nervous about the dishes...reminded her over ten times. She laughingly said that Lawrence is good at eating. Reporters hinted that Lawrence likes to eat dishes from different countries; Ada laughingly said, "A pampered son of an influential family must have standards; however, I haven't cooked for a few years. Now, best at making baby formula. Have sponsors for milk powder, diapers, and baby products. Hope that someone looks for our family of three to film a commercial...make money and also have memories". She also highly praised Lawrence's daughter as being a very pretty girl, saying that she doesn't look like Lawrence at all. Recently, there have been many joyous occasions in the industry. She told everyone to be at ease, as she would definitely have more kids.

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Personal Note: Definitely wouldn't make sense for Ching Chi Mei to be in a Tommy series.... Also, Paul is nothing without Jackie!

Lawrence's red frames look like the ones he wore in "At Home with Love".

Ada, Lawrence, Michelle, and KK look so young! :)

The media surely loves Christine Kuo...hope that she's not in "Hippocratic II"!

*Credits to singtao, mingpao, and the-sun


  1. what episode would this be?

    1. To minilight1020:

      Not sure about the air date.

  2. Lawrence is no longer in his heyday and still, he's so cocky. I never liked him and never will. On Call was so successful WOTHOUT him and what makes him think he's the STAR there? It should be Tavia and MaMing's call! Not his turn! He mistook himself as Andy Lau Tak Wah!

    1. Did you even watch the video interview? Lawrence was in no way cocky. I seriously hope they give him a new character that way there's hope for a PaulxJackie reunion with Ada acting as someone different.

    2. Sport, I think you should just ignore the person. Obviously this person didn't even like HH Series. I hope he plays something different so Ada can come back and play something different.

  3. Do you even know what I meant by saying Lawrence was cocky? By saying the things he said meant he didn't show respect to the original cast and the producer of On Call! They had to push the filming schedule for him - he should be thankful for that and stop bragging. Don't mix up between personal favorite and truth!

  4. Without Tavia and Kenneth as the LEAD, this series may most likely be a flop....the reason why THC was successful was because the audience liked what they watched and enjoyed watching the original CHARACTERS...shifting Kenneth and or Tavia to supporting roles ... don't want this to be another freaking Healing Hands again...

    Letting Lawrence join the cast is not going to save anything. TVB..wake the hell up.

    1. you must hate Lawrence a lot lol

  5. Agree, Paul is nothing without Jackie by his side.

  6. Paul and Jackie was such a classic couple.

  7. who said kenneth/tavia isn't the lead. Lawrence character would most likely be someone whose been the hospital long time. Of course they have to have someone like that in the show that is similar to Kenneth's character. If it was just Kenneth the neurosurgeon it wouldn't be as interesting.

    I don't see how is he acting cocky. I guess that is in terms of personal opinion but I don't care. You have yours and I have mine plus I don't think you needed to write that whole ass opinion about it. No one in here is even arguing with you.

  8. i like Law after all. I really hope he will act in more drama with vet actors and actresses in TVB.