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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Joey Meng Laughs About Encountering 'Mean Person': Has Not Been Isolated



Joey Meng has been filming "Cousin, You Are Good", her first series for TVB, with Wong Cho Lam, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, etc. Joey expressed being happy and not being isolated as rumoured: "I am very accustomed to this new TVB environment in the whole month that I have been filming. Next month, will be going to Dongguan to do location filming!"

The new series has 'Big Mean Person' Wong Kwong Leung taking part. The other day, the scene was about Louis, who plays a designer, designing an evening gown for Joey. That night, during a charity fashion show, Wong Kwong Leung, who plays a wealthy man, won with a one million bid. Ivana was also on site. Joey said that Wong Kwong Leung's so-called 'mean' is actually just his voice: "When he's scaring people, everyone on set cannot hold back laughter. We have been filming happily!"

Ivana, who is also filming series for the first time, also does not want to part because filming is completing soon: "From originally being really scared to not wanting to part now. In the series, Cho Lam and I are a pair. He and the producer are very good...saw me in a stage drama before....praise me for improving more and more!"

Personal Note: There's still location filming in Dongguan?!

Nice to see TVB investing in on-site location filming for many series!

*Credits to orientaldaily


  1. I didn't even realize there were any isolation rumors. lol

    I'm looking forward to seeing this series, mainly because of Joey. :)

    1. To AC:

      Only remember reading isolation rumours involving Alice Chan.