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Monday, August 13, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Finale Dinner


J2 Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Jessica Hsuan Reveals Age Secret for Series

ontv Clip

Artistes Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma attended the "Tiger Cubs" finale dinner. Because Jessica's birthday is on the 18th of this month, the cast cut the cake with this month's birthday girl. Jessica even humourously said about herself: "I hope the ratings of 'Tiger' are similar to my age...have 42 points". She expressed having just celebrated her birthday with fans in Shanghai...rushed to this dinner after getting off the plane.

Joe Ma Revealing Points to Beat A&F Male Models

ontv Clip

Artistes Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma attended the "Tiger Cubs" finale dinner. During the dinner, the male artistes, including Joe, lifted Jessica and carried Kayi Cheung. Oscar Leung was also responsible for carrying Mandy Wong to celebrate the successful ratings. Joe also expressed that, if the series' ratings are good, would reveal points with some of the male artistes: "We must beat A&F male models...win honour for Hong Kong people".

Personal Note: Jessica's age was never a secret...still looking good at 42! :)

Ha ha.... Some of the SDU guys' figures are comparable to A&F models! :P

*Credits to ihktv, appledaily, and the-sun


  1. Love Jessica! Reminds me of an older Tavia, they're both so bubbly and cute with their co-stars.

    It was adorable how Joe brought his family, so loving.

  2. Yay, it seems like Jessica is just waiting on confirmation of a sequel before she signs with TVB for another year. She also seems really happy with the results and the crew/cast for Tiger Cubs and that's why she's willing to come back. From her previous interviews, it seemed like she had no plans to return to TVB to film.

  3. Yeah, Jessica enjoys life and be happy. She looks pretty young at age of 42, still young and playful. Joe Ma brought his son & wife to party, and this makes Jessica be more happy to be on friendship with him. It's nature friend between them that make them be best as co-star couple. If you get along well with co-star partner, then the acting will be more natural and emotion than. Can't wait to watch sequel. I think Jessica will sign contract per series with TVB instead of period, so she has more freedom and can still work in mainland.