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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Cruise Party




Jessica Hsuan Using Friendship Cards to Invite Guest Stars, "Tiger Cubs" Filming a Sequel

Yesterday, Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan led a group of "Tiger Cubs" cast members on a cruise party to celebrate successful ratings. The group of men showed their muscles. During this, everyone played water games. Joe insisted on only being willing to shed if the ratings were to exceed 40 points; Jessica was not feeling well, so she did not go into the water.

Laughingly Talks About Begging Louis Koo

The series is releasing at a new time slot; the ratings and feedback are not bad. TVB Chairman Norman Leung will be holding a banquet on the 21st; Joe and Jessica expressed that they would arrange their schedule to return to Hong Kong to attend, laughingly saying that [they] would then ask whether a sequel would be filmed. The two hope for the original crew to film a sequel. Jessica also said that she hasn't used her friendship cards in a long time...hope to be able to invite partners whom she hasn't collaborated with in a long time to join in, including Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Gallen Lo, and Bobby Au Yeung. Jessica laughingly said, "Not labourious to guest-star for one episode. I will definitely ask Bobby, and may beg Louis, since he still has a contract with TVB!" As for Joe, [he] also hopes to look for Gallen to portray a big villain. However, Jessica said that settling the contract is the first thing: "Still discussing. Would also be a per series contract. The sequel is one of the attractive reasons".

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TVB8 Clip

Joe Ma Returning to Big Screen

The night before, Joe attended a charity premiere for "The Bourne Legacy". He mentioned that "Tiger" has brought him an opportunity to return to the big screen: "There are two or three movies in discussion...also cop roles, but also interested". Joe, who will be signing a per series contract with TVB, will still be focusing on Mainland: "Temporarily one series per year with TVB...depends on the script". He expressed that it is not confirmed yet whether "Tiger" would be filming a movie sequel version, but there have already been movie distributors who are interested in investing in the filming of a movie. Among them, he has been asked to take part in planning or production.

"Tiger Cubs" Promotional Clip

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Personal Note: The guys who were mentioned were definitely the first of Jessica's co-stars I had in mind! :)

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, wenweipo, and HKLOVE.org


  1. Look forward to Jessica's power haha

  2. It's been so long since I've seen Louis Koo and Jessica together! I was never really a fan of their onscreen partnership but I do miss seeing them together! They really compliment each other the most and have the best chemistry!