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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tavia & Ron Birthday Party 2012



"Extra" Clip

Sina Clip


Ron Ng's Birthday: Weibo Password Changed

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng celebrated their birthdays together with a hundred plus fans. They cut the cake and ate birthday buns on stage. Tavia even pretended to kiss Ron. Ron, who does not have a girlfriend, is rather lonely? He said, "Every year, [I] have to work on set...have fans to celebrate with me. (Ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang, being scolded at?) I haven't played Weibo for a long time. Have also changed the password...won't respond to it that much".

Tavia Yeung's Birthday: Ron Gave Ring

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng held a birthday party together. Tavia avoided talking about whether she would celebrate with rumoured boyfriend Him Law, who also has an August birthday: "Even if [I] have a boyfriend, will save this day for Mom first. (Receive what kind of presents?) Have received Ron's ring before. (Don't need Him to give it?) Can't randomly accept. (Received Ron's though?) Treat him as a girl".

These are the figurines that 怡居 gave to Tavia for her birthday.










Accepting Interviews

Tavia Thanks Fans

Tavia Wants to Make More Money

Birthday Song

Ending Words

Tavia Accepts TVBE Interview

Tavia Forces Ron to Praise Her

Saying Thanks

Personal Note: Happy that Ron and Tavia were able to hold a birthday party together this year...hope to see them for many years to come! :D Wishing them an early birthday!

Funny how Tavia said that she misplaced the butterfly ring that Ron gave to her in 2006 (this gift was also previously mentioned during their 2008 birthday party)! :P

*Credits to sina, the-sun, mingpao, headlinedaily, tungstar, tavia.org, race2r, kellycjw, 喲喲yo, and wendy_464681963


  1. Awww! Simply love RonTa! Did they do an interview together? Thanks!

    1. Yes, they had a TVBE interview. It should be airing soon.

  2. Love you TARO! Support you 2 ah. Ron- add oil. Tavia - happy!

  3. more taro events! love these two... so much chemistry

  4. awwww so cute that they keep the tradition of celebrating their birthdays together :) hehehe super cute! i love their ring story hahah love how she can be so comfortable around ron and said accepting a ring from ron is different from Him hahah

    and a side note....did her hair grow out that fast??? or are those extensions? hahah

    1. To Rachel:

      Those are hair extensions for "A Great Way to Care II".

  5. Tavia's gorgeous! love her hair extensions!! Happy early B-Day to TARO!

  6. I've missed TaRo so much! Thanks, hyn! Saw a glimpse of Tavia's interview where Ron jumps in later through a fan-recorded clip, and it looks so funny. I can't wait to see it.

    Tavia looks so much younger with long hair. Hope she keeps it long.

  7. Tavia is so pretty! long hair back!
    They are so cute together haha, tavia is always so lively. love her!