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Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Mr. & Mrs. Bean" Completion Banquet



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ontv Clip

Youku Clip

Eliza Sam's Broken Cantonese Gets Laughed at by Bosco Wong

Artistes Eliza Sam, Regen Cheung, Ku Ming Wah, etc. appeared in Kowloon City for the completion banquet for a new series. Eliza expressed that this time was mainly the cast members chipping in to treat to dinner. When asked whether it felt labourious when filming the series, Eliza said, "Quite because there is a lot related to coffee. (Did you have the most NGs?) Ha ha! Yes. Many people expected it". When asked whether rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong took care of her the most, Eliza thinks that it is normal. He would first laugh at her accent like a big brother, and then help her correct it.

Bosco Wong Says That He Is an Old Model

Artiste Bosco Wong appeared in Kowloon City to attend the completion banquet for a new series. He frankly said that it is rare for everyone's schedule to match up. He will be working at the end of August, and his new restaurant will officially open in October...will be extremely busy. When mentioning the photo album war, which just passed, with male models even releasing books in the nude, Bosco said after hearing this, "That incredible? I would be called an old model! (Not confident in your own figure?) I also have a fitness ad coming out soon. (Showing an eight-pack?) No! Would be very painful to do it like those of Nick Cheung".

*Credits to the-sun and youku

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