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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TVB 2014 Production Plans


- There will be an increase in the ratio of comedies and martial arts series. Heavy series (such as the "Bullet Brain" and "Beauty at War" type) will be excluded next year.
- Anthony Wong will film the TV series 《功夫》 (lit. "Kung Fu").
- Tony Leung Ka Fai will take part in 《只爭朝夕》 (lit. "Seize Every Minute"). If the artistes who have been contacted are able to make it into their schedules, the cast will be really strong.
- Sammo Hung will cook on a food programme.
- Anthony Wong will also have 《秋生飯堂》 (lit. "Chau Sang's Dining Hall").

- Former Director of Broadcasting Franklin Wong will make a series like "Below the Lion Rock" for TVB, using realistic themes in the current society. Everything revolves around the lives of citizens, such as hoping for one's child to succeed in life, the disparity between the rich and the poor, housing problems, etc.

- Because of realism, the actors used will not be those who are typically seen by viewers; there will be a search for more outsiders and newcomers. Starting in mid-2014, it has been arranged to broadcast on prime time Sundays.
- Starting next year, all scripts must be 80 percent or more completed before filming begins.

- TVB is considering doing remakes of two classic series, filming "Double Fantasies" in January and "The Misadventure of Zoo" in April.

- Lau Siu Ming, Bowie Wu, and Joe Junior will go to Spain and Portugal together to film a travel programme.
- Maria Cordero's "Good Cheap Eats" will have a new installment called 《食平DD》.
- TVB will produce the grand programme 《北漂南漂》 (lit. "Drift North, Drift South"), using real life stories to talk about having to face a new lifestyle when Hong Kong people who go up north to work, and when Mainland people go to Hong Kong.
- TVB will invite 'star lawyers' Money Lo and Melvin Wong to explain legal basics using easy methods.

- TVB plans to film the youthful, inspirational series 《掌聲背後》 (lit. "Behind the Applause"). The backbone of the story is about young people fighting for their dreams on the dance stage. It will look for candidates at the Academy for Performing Arts, as well as young people who already have potential.

Personal Note: Woah...TVB planning to make big changes.... This should be the layout for the Sales Presentation...wonder how much will actually follow through....

*Credits to mingpao


  1. TVB must create big changes due to unexpectedly gaining low rating on and on to their dramas along this year. Only big budget TITS2 has better rating than the others despite the ideal high rating (over 40 points) is still far to reach.

  2. hahahahh i like how one of the first changes is the decrease in heavy series like bullet brain/beauty at war hahah glad to see that tvb is making changes based on viewership, i personally didn't watch those two dramas, way too boring =P

    i'm am very happy to see anthony wong and tony leung filming some stuff! that should be exciting and something different from the usual tvb stuff. i'm also surprised to see the realistic series with outside actors, i've gotten so accustomed to tvb artists, this might actually be strange, but definitely looking forward to it! ....but of course, we'll have to wait and see if tvb will actually pull through with their ideas....and just how good the outcome will be hahahah

  3. That sounds really great ... hope they will stay consequent.