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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam Talk About Money, Not Love



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Yesterday, Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam appeared at an Estée Lauder event as a 'couple partnership'. He even held Eliza's hand to demonstrate the procedure for skin care. However, the two both said that they only see each other as brother and sister...have not had any sparks.

Bosco and Eliza appeared at the same corporate event for the first time...making money together. When asked whether they felt awkward, Eliza said, "Nothing much with us. Already expected to have rumours...after all, filming series would attract rumours because of series stills. We collaborated for three months. We just treat each other as brother and sister". Bosco chimed in, "No awkwardness. What is there to be awkward about?"

When asked whether the fee would be higher because of this, the two both expressed that it had not. Eliza also emphasized again, "Because we are brother and sister". After Bosco heard this, he said, "Don't frequently bring it up...would give people the feeling that I am very old. I actually don't mind this type of couple partnership work...just making money. If everyone likes this group, we would have more opportunities to collaborate. Each take what is needed...make money together". When asked whether there was the feeling of the heart beating when Bosco touched Eliza's hand, Bosco hurriedly said, "If there's no heartbeat, would be dead!"

Eliza said, "Nothing much...just work. Okay if happy. (Are you afraid of rumours driving pursuers away?) Waiting for God to arrange dating for me. (Bosco describes you as a younger sister, so does not treat you as a goddess. Would you be hurt because of this?) Would not. I also don't treat myself as a goddess". Bosco agreed, "When filming series, she does not treat herself as a goddess. Is a very openhearted tomboy".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Bosco just called himself an 'old model', but then he tells Eliza to not call him 'brother', as it makes him 'old'.... :P

*Credits to lovebosco.net, singtao, the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, hkheadline, youku, sina, and sohu

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