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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

《點金勝手》 "Midas" Costume Fitting



Date: August 21, 2013

Temporary Chinese title: 《點金勝手》
Pinyin title: Dim Gam Sing Sau
Temporary English title: "Midas"
Producer: Chong Wai Kin

Attending Cast: Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Ben Wong, Elena Kong, Toby Leung, Hinson Chou, Snow Suen, Gloria Tang, Fred Cheng, Lily Liu, Ha Ping, Celine Ma, Chung Chi Kwong, Jazz Lam, Sunny Dai, Pauline Chow, Kelvin Yuen, Brian Thomas Burrell, Law Lok Lam, Raymond Chiu, James Ng, Jeanette Leung, Adam Ip, and Mark Ma.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio Four


Pearl Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 30 episodes long.
- The background of the series is on the financial world, with a theme on current affairs in life. It will use the molding of Bosco Wong into becoming a talent in finance to talk about the process of his struggle, as well has his entangled fate with Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu, to reveal human antagonism and a distorted outlook on life. The atmosphere of the series is heavy. It is Hong Kong's version of Wall Street and "The Great Gatsby".
- Bosco will play Cheuk Yuk (卓彧), a wealthy, young talent in finance who prioritizes profit above all else. He has his own set of theories. He started off being very poor; because of failing in stock speculation, his father jumped off a building and died, even getting dunned for debts at his funeral. His mother also died from illness afterward. He thinks that, in order to win, you must be the banker and be the one to make the decisions; thus, he has always worked hard to climb higher, taking risks and even committing murder. He vowed to become successful in the financial world, eventually receiving the 「點金勝手」 award for three consecutive years for being a prominent personality in the financial world. When he thinks that he has reached a very high position, in reality, there are other major 'crocodile' figures still waiting for him. This series will mainly talk about the mistakes he committed during the process of getting to the top. He was previously deceived once or twice, slowly gaining experience from that. Back then, he and his master made a big mistake; his master was supposed to take the fall, but ended up placing all the blame on him. When he knew about this, he made his master disappear; thus, his master's daughter (played by Kate) wants to get revenge afterward. In the beginning, he deceives Kate about not having caused her father's death, but she later discovers the truth. The story starts off with him already having reached a certain position; he has a financial company and has become a talent in finance who is second to none with the help of his second wife, but he still wants to continue to climb higher. He insists on his own false reasoning. His beliefs: greed is a type of motivation; do not eat too much, as only starvation would cause people to the desire to pursue; would only continue to advance when in a constant state of horror. Even when citizens lose when buying stocks, he thinks that it is does not concern him. In the end, he pays the price for his greed. He uses the police and reporters to stage something, embezzling company chairman Law Lok Lam's money. He constantly has affairs with women, but wife Nancy turns a blind eye to them.
- Kate will play Gia Chi Nga (資雅), a financial agent who started off as a cop. To get revenge for her father, she joins the Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) with the goal of getting evidence in order to exact revenge. Afterward, she leaves the police force, and joins Bosco's company, doing her own investigation. When she has almost completed her revenge mission, Bosco makes her believe that he did not cause her father's death; the two develop a relationship. Because the financial industry is related to the people's livelihood, and going against Bosco would hurt innocent people, out of sympathy, she gives up getting revenge in end. She will pretend to be a lesbian and pursue Nancy, and they will have an intense, ambiguous scene. She and Nancy have a bathing scene.
- Nancy will play Fong Ming Yu (方明瑜), a financial company executive. She is a career woman. She is Bosco's second wife. She assists her husband into becoming a talent in finance who is second to none. When Kate appears, she begins to feel intimidated, advising Bosco to not associate with Kate, thinking that Kate would definitely harm him. Although Bosco knows that Kate is his enemy's daughter, he still believes that he can control her, which creates problems in their marriage. Kate will intervene in their marriage, creating a love triangle. She will also have a 'romantic storyline' with Kate; there will be a scene where she tests whether Kate likes men. She and Pal Sinn will have an intense kiss scene.
- Sharon Chan will play Ho Seung Yi (何雙怡), an Inspector of Police in the CCB. To get revenge, she becomes a person who is eager for quick success and instant benefit. She later joins Bosco's company. Because she suffers an injustice, she loses her police job; she thinks that the world is unfair, so her entire look and personality changes, thereby becoming villain-like. She is both good and evil. She is the head of the household. She and Ben Wong are a pair.
- Ben will play Chow San Yung (周辛勇), a righteous Sergeant in the CCB. He is Sharon's subordinate. He has always been investigating a murder case, suspecting that Bosco is the killer; thus, he has always been investigating him. He and Bosco were originally good friends; his younger sister married Bosco, but their relationship turned sour because of her death. After breaking off relations, Bosco made rapid advances in his career, while he stayed put as a Sergeant; however, he does not give up because he wants to give justice to the deceased, so he later goes to the CCB to find Bosco's criminal evidence. He knows that Bosco is a criminal, so he wants to bring him to justice. He will be involved in a love triangle with Sharon and Elena Kong. He and Sharon have a live-in relationship, so there will be an appropriate quantity of intimate scenes.
- Elena will play Chai Pui Fan (柴沛勛), a chairperson. She offers herself to Ben a number of times, but gets rejected. She is Ben's ex-girlfriend.
- Toby Leung will play Ho Seung Fei (何雙菲), a member of the CCB. She is a taekwondo expert. She is Sharon's younger sister.
- Pal will play Nancy's ex-boyfriend. He leads her astray into doing drugs.
- Snow Suen will play Ella Law Oi Na (羅愛娜), a member of the CCB.
- Gloria Tang will play Cheuk Chi Yin (卓至然), Bosco's younger sister. She will have a romantic storyline with Stephen Wong.
- Stephen will play Ho Seung Hing (何雙慶), Sharon and Toby's younger brother. He is very overambitious and is quite the troublemaker. He likes stock speculation. To get information, he pursues Gloria. In the end, he fails in stock speculation, bringing trouble to his family members. He will play two characters. One is a gangster who is an antagonist, a utilitarian who always dreams about getting rich and deceives women. He will have a romantic storyline with two females. He will have singing scenes.
- June Chan will play Sam Ka Man (沈嘉曼).
- Jack Wu will play Yuen Seung Him (袁尚謙).
- Lily Liu will play Yung Sau Kuen (容秀娟).
- Raymond Chiu will play Yeung Ho Ming (楊浩明).
- Otto Chan will play Ko Ching Hin (高正軒).
- Jacqueline Wong will play Chow San Lai (周辛麗), Bosco's first wife and Ben's younger sister. Her death was caused by Bosco. She will appear in memory sequences.

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (091013)

Blessing Ceremony @ Pearl Clip (091113)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (091013)

Visit @ Ming Pao Clip (091913)

Visit @ Apple Daily Clip (102413)

Visit @ stheadline Clip (111513)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "The Ultimate Addiction".
FYI: Fred Cheng was originally cast in a supporting role, but had to pull out due to a schedule clash; thus, Stephen Wong has taken his place.

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Personal Note: The cast seems a little young for this theme....

Ha ha.... The 'lesbian' tidbit was blown out of proportion...guessing that it'll only be one scene. :P

Nancy looks as though she's getting ready to dance....

Why is Sharon playing a superior again? o_O'

*Credits to mingpao, appledaily, stheadline, Weibo, and Tencent Weibo


  1. wooohooo fred! :) i'm glad he gets a role in this, don't really know how to feel about his character/role though since there's so little information, but glad that he's at least featured! lol and of course tvb would be promoting him with giving him singing scenes =P but whatever, no complaints from me since i love his singing.

  2. Just see on internet that this serie got the same name of a korean drama (http://asianwiki.com/Midas_%282011-Korean_Drama%29) and the subject is quite the same, financial world!
    I thought that the script was good before I checked on internet and now, don't know what to think about it!
    Nevertheless I love the cast, except sharon!