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Thursday, August 8, 2013

TVB Announcing Consolidated Ratings



"Scoop" Clip

TVB announced that, starting from August 12th, it will be announcing the 'consolidated ratings' on the first work day of every week, which are calculated from TV ratings and 'online ratings' (with the calculation of tvb.com and mobile ratings included).

2013 Top Five Highest Rating Series (up to July 28):

1. "Triumph in the Skies II" (Episodes 1 to 10)
TV = 30.8; online = 5.6; overall = 36.4

2. "Inbound Troubles"
TV = 30.0; online = 4.6; overall = 34.6

3. "Friendly Fire"
TV = 28.5; online = 2.8; overall = 31.3

4. "Sergeant Tabloid"
TV = 27.8; online = 2.1; overall = 29.9

5. "A Great Way to Care II"
TV = 27.5; online = 2.3; overall = 29.8

Next week, Norman Leung will be treating the cast and crew of "Friendly", "Sergeant", and "Great II" to dinner.

Personal Note: The online views shouldn't be included in the 'overall' ratings, since online shows can be viewed more than once. It would make more sense to have online views as a separate calculation.

*Credits to mingpao

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