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Friday, August 2, 2013

Linda Chung Fights to Admit to Being Bosco Wong's 'First Wife'


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Yesterday, TVB fa dan Linda Chung and siu sang Bosco Wong, who collaborated in the series "Witness Insecurity", "Moonlight Resonance", and "The Gem of Life", did a ribbon cutting as an onscreen couple. Linda, who was wearing a low-cut dress, frankly said that the fee was ideal, and humbly said that it was not considered sexy: "I don't think that it's sexy! Was frightened by everyone's reaction. Thought that the dress had something dirty on it!" Bosco immediately laughingly said, "Okay. Normal! She has the qualifications to be sexy...see if she is willing to take the plunge!" Linda said that sexiness is not her specialty. Her concert costumes will also not be too revealing...at most, would show her slim waist more.

Hopes to Reunite in Series

The two's onscreen couple image has left a deep impression on people. Yesterday, Linda did not avoid being arm-in-arm with Bosco, and also 'interrogated' him (with the many rumours) about their oncreen couple ranking. Bosco immediately laughingly said, "Well, you are definitely in the top few. Saying it as though I have many. Okay as long as everyone likes it. Also anticipate filming series with Linda again". Linda immediately jokingly called herself 'first wife': "In terms of an onscreen couple, I should be the 'first wife'!" She also added, "I like onscreen couple partnerships. The more, the better. Want to work with more people to create different feelings of onscreen couples".

Linda will be holding a concert soon, while Bosco will be opening a restaurant. The two are supporting each other. Bosco said, "If she were to invite me to be a guest, I would definitely accommodate it. When the restaurant opens, will definitely treat her to a meal...let her try some dishes or personally cook!" Linda immediately laughingly said the she would turn up without being invited.

*Credits to frenchbull jess, 鍾嘉欣吧, the-sun, appledaily, sohu, 56, and gztv

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