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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Linda Chung Fights Nancy Wu: Does Not Need Pointers from Philip Ng


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Yesterday, Linda Chung and Nancy Wu went to Sai Kung to do location filming for "Tiger Cubs II". The storyline was about Nancy wanting to annihilate the Special Duties Unit (SDU) to get revenge, and ending up getting into a fight with Linda. Linda, who came prepared with protective gear, expressed that her purchased was based on a friend's recommendation because of its practicality and protection guarantee. When asked whether she was worried about getting injured from getting hit, Linda said, "My family is actually even more worried because, when I entered the industry, I didn't know how to take care of my body, frequently getting my arms and legs bruised, and it was very difficult for the scars to go away. I don't want to have scars, so protecting myself a bit". Regarding Nancy being afraid of injuring Linda, she laughingly said, "I am also afraid of injuring someone because I only know how to use strength and do not know how to accommodate the position. Also never tried fighting with a girl before". When asked whether he asked for pointers from rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng, Linda said, "Don't even have time to train and prepare. I am just relying on natural talent".

Nancy Wu in a Rush to Have Children

Nancy, who had white hair, expressed that her look has taken reference from Johnson Lee, her elder brother in the series. Because the SDU killed her elder brother, Nancy wants to annihilate the SDU to get revenge. Nancy, who has a martial arts background, is able to handle action scenes, but she frankly said that it is still the first time fighting a female colleague. In addition, her opponent is the beautiful Linda, laughingly saying that she is worried about accidentally injuring her: "She usually speaks softly...very afraid of injuring her. Afterward, I will fight with Joe Ma; he is so tall, so I am not afraid".. Nancy laughingly said, "We will not be flaunting superiority, but will use a stunt double. I don't want to hit Linda...afraid of injuring her. Actually, I suggested to the producer that firing a gun may be better".

Earlier, it was rumoured that Nancy would be marrying her boyfriend. She clarified, "Every time I have a series released, would have rumours. Afterward, I still have three or four series...the rumours should be continuing". When asked whether she had marriage plans, Nancy laughingly said, "I am planning on having children first. Many people are rushing me to get married. I am actually afraid of getting too old to have children".

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Personal Note: No wonder Nancy had a wig....

*Credits to mingpao, appledaily, and wenweipo

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