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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kenneth Ma Does Not Think That His Bed Scene with Elena Kong Was Overly Intense



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Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng both attended an event in a pilot look. The two met Cherie Chung for the first time, praising Cherie as being a pretty woman and is one of the great beauties, and is also the two's dream lover. Kenneth said that it could be seen that the Miss Hong Kong Pageant was competitive back then; Cherie was only fourth place back then, but was already this beautiful.

Regarding one of his bed scenes with Elena Kong in "Triumph in the Skies II" being aired yesterday, Kenneth said that he also watched it...thinks that it was not too intense. The two's romantic storyline is rather cute and humourous. He, who was said to have been anxious, expressed that he only said out the dialogue. This scene wanted to explain that he is more passionate and younger than Patrick Dunn's character. There will also be these scenes afterward, but this scene is already the most intense.

When it was mentioned that netizens could not accept such 'heavy taste', Kenneth said that some people do not accept an older woman and a younger man relationship. Ron, who was on the side, laughingly said that he thinks that Kenneth bed scene could have been more intense. When Ron was asked about the state of his leg injury, he expressed having already recovered 80 percent. Regarding rumoured girlfriend Kelly Fu being rumoured to have a foreign boyfriend, he said that, as a colleague, would also congratulate her.

FYI: The 32nd episode of "Triumph in the Skies II" averaged 32 points, and peaked at 34 points.

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*Credits to kennethma.org, rononline, the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, and youku

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