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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"M Club" Copies "Triumph in the Skies II": Eliza Sam Being an Orphan Looking for Mother Again


Apple Daily Clip


Earlier, there was a mother-and-daughter reunion scene between Eliza Sam and her star mom, Rosanne Lui, in "Triumph in the Skies II'. Many people praised Eliza for doing well...natural and sincere enough.

In the grand production "M Club", Eliza also plays an orphan. Like "Triumph II", she and her biological mother never had contact with each other; she deliberately returns to look for her mother. Her biological mother is one of the female leads.

The day before, Eliza and Steven Cheung were in Public Square Street, Sheung Wan, doing location filming for "M Club". In the series, they are a pair of lovers. The scene was about Eliza having to leave. Steven was at the top of the steps taking Eliza to a green van. Because it was very simple, the scene only required one take. After completing filming, the two and the director chatted about other scripts.

Would it be very labourious to film one series after another? Yesterday, Eliza said over the phone, "Not labourious. After completing 'Mr. & Mrs. Bean', also had a few days to rest to do preparations, but very happy to be able to film". When mentioning that she had to look for her mother, Eliza said, "'Triumph II' was not me looking...it was my mother looking for me! Not the same!" Regarding that scene getting praised by many people, Eliza said that she was very happy: "The people around me helped me a lot. That day, Rosanne's emotions caused me to be very moved and immersed. There were also many people helping me fix my dialogue and pronunciation. Thanks to many people. If praising, must praise the entire team!"

Cut from "Triumph in the Skies II" Episode 13

Personal Note: Guessing that Eliza is Loletta's daughter in the series....

Eliza pairing up with Steven again?! o_O'

*Credits to appledaily

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