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Thursday, August 22, 2013

CITV 2013



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

ontv Clip

Sina Clip

Funshion Clip

Funshion Clip

黃宗澤 歐陽震華攜TVB眾星推新劇 130916


"Sniper Standoff" CITV Trailer

"Brother's Keeper" CITV Trailer

"Outbound Love" CITV Trailer

"I Wish I Could Hate You" - Lin Xia Wei

很想討厭你 《單戀雙城》 主題曲 - 林夏薇

作曲: 文恩澄
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

如果我們 從來沒有遇見
如果那一天 你沒多看我一眼

如果...... 我的用心 你從沒有發現
如果這樣 我是否該說再見

只能想像一起 但我沒勇氣
愛怎沒有限期 如你說曾經在意

只能幻想甜蜜 我不能自己
沒有你的空氣 我要怎麼呼吸
享受我們之間幸福距離 心動的回憶

"My Prime Lady" CITV Trailer

"Mr. & Mrs. Bean" CITV Trailer

"M Club" CITV Trailer

"Property Protector" CITV Trailer

"Gilded Chopsticks" CITV Trailer

"The Verbal Side of Court" CITV Trailer

"Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon" CITV Trailer

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Personal Note: Didn't expect Lin Xia Wei to sing the theme song of "Outbound Love" (which was played during its trailer)...the melody is quite soothing. Also didn't expect the song to be in Mandarin (in recent years, only remember "Glittering Days" having a Mandarin theme song).

*Credits to ohtaviaforum, sNoOPy Wu, the-sun, sina, funshion, tudou, FreyaGao糾結小白兔or小小白, and 狂愛TVB

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