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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fala Chen Wears Black Stockings to Battle Elena Kong



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"Scoop" Clip

Youku Clip

Last night, Fala Chen attended a fashion show in a waist-revealing outfit and black stockings. Regarding the good feedback for "Triumph in the Skies II", she laughingly said that that the spotlight has been stolen by Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong's intimate scenes: "Thus, I wore black stockings (Elena's trademark). After the series released, it has been good for everyone...a lot more jobs...making money together...everyone is happy". When Fala was asked whether a movie version of "Triumph" would be filmed, she said, "Don't know yet. Not confirmed yet. Would be quite interesting if there is one. Hope that I would be included as well. (Would you want to portray the same role?) It doesn't matter. Look at the storyline. Okay as long as filming with the two cool guys again. (Still keep the back-revealing scene?) The boundaries in films are greater. (Reveal the front?) Cannot. Cannot pass my own barrier. Not confident in myself".

Fala also revealed that she would temporarily not be going to the US to study because jobs have been coming one after the other: "Crazy busy. The jobs are very captivating". Regarding "Triumph II" having a lot of product placement, Fala said, "I also understand that TVB has to make money. Hope that everyone pays more attention to us and the storyline". Regarding her romantic matters, Fala said, "Still the same. Leave it up to fate".

*Credits to orientaldaily and youku

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