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Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Triumph in the Skies II" Promotional Event 5


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"Scoop" Clip

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Julian Cheung Receives Fala Chen's Kiss to Celebrate Birthday Beforehand

At a promotional event for "Triumph in the Skies II", 'Cool Monster' Julian Cheung and magician Louis Yan performed magic for Fala Chen, making her fly up into the air; unfortunately, a mistake was made on the side! Since Julian's birthday is on the 27th, Fala specially made a cake appear and gave him a kiss, immediately causing a big reaction. TVB also prepared an earth cake to celebrate. Julian expressed that, because a high mood has been maintained this year, hope to spend the day of his birthday ordinarily: "I am very afraid of surprise parties. Best to not have it. (Birthday wish?) Nothing much for myself. Morton's health and happiness are my presents. (Do you have to go for a daughter?) Let nature take its course".

Kenneth Ma's Bed Scene with Elena Kong Is Mainly Humourous

Artiste Kenneth Ma was promoting the currently airing series "Triumph in the Skies II". His bed scene with Elena Kong is expected to air soon; Kenneth frankly said that it is mainly a humourous feeling, and that the extent is not as vast as Fala Chen and Julian Cheung's.

Kenneth also said that he will be going to Xiangshan to do location filming for the new TVB series "Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon". After completion, he will immediately fly to Tianjin to film Jackie Chan's new movie. He explained that he is not the male lead: "There is also a Mainland actor who is actually [the lead]. (You are portraying a playboy character again?) It is a lawyer; however, I have received the script, but have not had the time to look at it".

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Personal Note: Wishing Chi Lam a happy early birthday! :)

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