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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"When Heaven Burns" Sub Song MV

"Young Ignorance" - Bowie Lam, Moses Chan & Kenny Wong

年少無知 《天與地》 片尾曲 - 林保怡/陳豪/黃德斌

作曲/監製: 黃貫中
填詞: 林若寧
編曲: 黃貫中/劉志遠

林: 年少多好 頑劣多好
不甘安於封建製度裡 迷信上街真理會達到
旗幟高舉 群眾聲討
不惜犧牲一切去上訴 權貴的想法太俗套
只可惜生活是一堆挫折 只可惜生命是必須妥協

陳: 年少多好 窮困多好
一蚊積蓄足以快樂到 廉價結他抒發我暴躁
財富得到 年歲不保
捐輸不必講究有回報 人世間總會有異數
只可惜生活是一聲發泄 只可惜生命是一聲抱歉 怕追到

合: 如果 命運能選擇 十字街口 你我踏出的每步更瀟灑
如果 活著能坦白 舊日所相信價值 不必接受時代的糟蹋

黃: 年少多好 朋友多好
一番爭執不會有被告 游戲競爭不會記入腦
年歲增長 無法修補
青春的詩總會老 時間多恐怖

合: 如果 命運能選擇 十字街口 你我踏出的每步無用困惑
如果 活著能坦白 舊日所相信價值今天發現還未老
如果 命運能演習 現實中不致接納一生每步殘酷抉擇
留守 過去的想法 我會否好像這樣 生於世上 無目的鞭撻

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Personal Note: Finally a better filmed MV! Already loved the song from the preview, and this song is definitely better than other TVB songs...so good! Have been waiting to hear Kenny sing; surprisingly, he's actually not bad! :)

Quite funny how Moses had fake facial hair in the MV to complement his character's look in the series! :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Thanks for posting up! I like Kenny and glad to know he is not bad as singing! Is this new filmed? Mo has longer hair and is chubby. Thank you.

  2. To Twinkle:

    Based on their looks in the MV, the MV was most likely filmed recently.

  3. Kenny's character was interesting and all but his singing leaves much to be desired. It sounds like he had to be semi-autotuned.