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Monday, November 14, 2011

43rd Ming Pao Awards Results



Most Outstanding Album: Joyce Cheng 《有故事的人》
Most Outstanding Male Singer: Eason Chan 《六月風霜》
Most Outstanding Female Singer: Joyce Cheng 《有故事的人》
Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert: Johnny Yim, Ronald Ng, Tang Chi Wai, Chris Bao, Ben Chong & Fergus Chow 《有故事的人》 Producers


Most Outstanding Movie: "Overheard 2"
Most Outstanding Male Artiste: Kenneth Tsang "Overheard 2"
Most Outstanding Female Artiste: Shu Qi "A Beautiful Life"
Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert: Felix Chong & Alan Mak "Overheard 2" Directors


Most Outstanding Television Programme: "No Regrets"
Most Outstanding Male Artiste: Wayne Lai "No Regrets"
Most Outstanding Female Artiste: Sheren Tang "No Regrets"
Most Outstanding Behind-the-Scenes Expert: Cheung Wah Biu "No Regrets" Screenwriter


My Most Supported Artiste: Linda Chung ("Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!")
愛心動力大獎2011: Denise Ho
Ming Pao Weekly Tribute Award: Ann Hui


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Personal Note: Congrats to Joyce, "Overheard 2", and "No Regrets" for basically sweeping in their respective categories!

A special congrats to Linda for receiving such a major award from Ming Pao! :D

*Credits to tvbchannel


  1. Wow, awesome! I knew that Joyce had a good voice but I didn't realize that she was that popular!

  2. Yes If you go watch her 有故事的人 it has another view counts and positive thumbs up! Her has had 3 no.1 songs on RTHK this year! Depending on whether the radio stations will combine the newcomer awards or separate into male female her biggest contending will probably be ATV's Asian Million Star Season 1 winner Adason Lo, singer-songwriter who already has 20,000 fans in his fan club. If Adason doesn't release his album this year I'm not sure if he still counts as a newcome. Would be best if they split into female and male then Joyce and Adason will both be the winner hopefully

  3. Thanks sport! That's a pretty amazing accomplishment! especially for a newcomer. :)

  4. To AC:

    The female singers nominated this year didn't really have any standout songs. Joyce also had positive feedback for her first album, so not surprised that she came out on top. She has come a long way...nice to see her receive some recognition.

    To sport3888:

    Not sure if Adason is counted as this year's newcomer (but remember him making the top five for CRHK's 'My Favourite Male Singer' last year).

    Joyce's competitors should be Mag Lam and Alfred Hui (especially Mag). Personally prefer Joyce's vocals.

  5. yes but Adason was also at a newcomer event for 903 that had Joyce as well and each had to pretend they won an award and give a thankyou speech lol
    Ah I forgot about Alfred Hui hmm not sure if CRHK will support him since he seems more like an idol singer although he did have two good songs.

  6. Congrats to Linda! This is not from TVB so it's not a rigged award :D