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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nancy Wu Dances on "What the Face?"

Nancy Wu danced to Korean boy band TVXQ's "Keep Your Head Down" on the final episode of "What the Face?"

"Keep Your Head Down" - TVXQ

Personal Note: Nancy is so 帥! Such a different genre from Chinese dance! Definitely a ten for 'Full Marks Dancing Queen' Nancy! :D

Like how Nancy was singing along with the lyrics! :)

"What the Face?" Episode 18a

"What the Face?" Episode 18b

Bosco Wong, Jade Kwan & Kenneth Ma vs. Nat Chan, Mandy Lieu & Koni Lui.

*Credits to nancywu.org


  1. Nancy is very cool! Ta zhen de hen shuai qi! She definitely lives up to the title "Ten Points Dancing Queen"! Shi fen!

  2. I love Nancy! She's multitalented and is a dancing queen!

  3. wow I know Nancy can dance but I've never seen her dance this style before very Shui indeed! XD

  4. I've heard the song before from avex channel on youtube but never liked it.

  5. I love Nancy's dancing!

    Also, I'm sad that this is the last episode. I thought this show was very funny!

  6. Nancy is so talented!! Have to say I admire her abilities!

    Normally I cringe when I see artistes dance -- because a lot of the time the choreographer makes it very easy, so that it doesn't look that good or if the artiste cant really do the move that well. But Nancy is definitely one of the few who can dance and is still at TVB.

    Very few actressess I believe actually dance :P She really got the "power" aspect down. It's one thing to be able to mimic the appearance of a dance move and another to actually bring out the force involved -- especially for hiphop sort of stuff, it's kind of hard~

    Hope to see her perform at Gala :)

  7. WOW I'm impressed! That was a good cover by Nancy!

    And yay KPOP in TVB :) Kinda mind blown by how my fandoms collided LOL