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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My AOD Favourites 2011 Results

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


My Favourite Drama Series
"Ghetto Justice"

My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role
Kevin Cheng ("Ghetto Justice")

My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role
Myolie Wu ("Curse of the Royal Harem")

My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role
Raymond Wong ("Twilight Investigation")

My Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role
Sharon Chan ("Ghetto Justice")

My Favourite On Screen Couple
Michael Tse & Fala Chen ("Lives of Omission")

My Favourite Promising Actor
Vincent Wong ("Gun Metal Grey")

My Favourite Promising Actress
Nancy Wu ("Gun Metal Grey")

My Favourite Drama Theme Song
獨行 ("Lives of Omission") - Michael Tse

My Favourite Top 15 Drama Characters
Michael Tse ("Lives of Omission")
Fala Chen ("Lives of Omission")
Wayne Lai ("Forensic Heroes III")
Myolie Wu ("Curse of the Royal Harem")
Ruco Chan ("The Other Truth")
Kevin Cheng ("Ghetto Justice")
Julian Cheung ("The Rippling Blossom")
Tavia Yeung ("The Other Truth")
Kate Tsui ("Forensic Heroes III")
Kenneth Ma ("The Life and Times of a Sentinel")
Bosco Wong ("Lives of Omission")
Moses Chan ("Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!")
Linda Chung ("Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!")
Ron Ng ("Forensic Heroes III")
Raymond Lam ("Men with No Shadows")

Behind the Scenes

Hisoing Clip

iChannel Clip

"Extra" Clip


"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: Although the results are rigged (especially since these awards are also organized by TVB), still nice to see a gathering of many artistes! :P

Just realized that Raymond Wong won 'Supporting' for his role in "Twilight", even though his nomination picture on the official site was from "Truth".... o_O

*Credits to Weibo


  1. woah cant believe ghetto won best series, thought it was going to be btw. loo and forensics,these results are pretty rigged

  2. The results are definately rigged where is Steven Ma's name? For crying out loud Ron Ng won for Forensic Heroes III??!! There is no justice!

  3. this is some rigged ass results, stupid as hell. :=(

  4. Yay, happy for all the winners! :)

    The only Favorite Character award that makes me o_O is the one for Moses' character since I thought a lot of people hated his character (not the actor).

  5. @AC but you got to think about it becuz there needs to be 15 winners, i think the top 15 awards are not for the character but the actor/actress cuz i find nothing appealing about ron's character as wind in forensics thats the only one i dont agree with

  6. Myolie won "My Favourite Actress" for CRH? Wasn't Tavia leading in votes? :(

    @Ben: That's the only one you don't agree with? I thought you that would've said that for MM! ;)

  7. @Guru why would u think i would have said that for MM, i thought mm for life of a sentinel did a good job, i just thought ron's cop role wasnt interesting so the top 15 character award seems like its not for artiste's characters but their populartiy

  8. @Ben I don't have a problem with Moses or any of them winning. I just thought that character was disliked, but Ron's character is generally liked.

    @Guru It was just rumored that Tavia might win that award, just like how there's different rumors of Kevin or Michael getting the TVB award or how Ruco will get the Most Improved award and then end up not even nominated.

    I actually don't mind "pork" awards (since there's 15! character awards here), but I wish the "pork" would also given to a few lesser known actors. lol

  9. @Ben: I remember you saying something like "if MM did a good job then he would've got popular for it". Did you not say something like that? :P

  10. The results were pretty okay in my opinion:)both Kevin and myolie do deserve the awards

  11. @Guru i dont remember saying that he would get popular, i said like but the series wasnt popular

  12. To Ben:

    "Ghetto" won 'My FAVOURITE Drama Series'.

    To AC:

    The "voting" was obviously for the actor rather than the character itself.

    To Ben:

    You have said something similar (or exactly that) on more than one occasion, but don't know whether you were just saying it to counter other arguments on the Cbox. ;)

  13. The results are good :)

    Myolie and Kevin are the perfect choice to win!

    I never thought Raymond Wong will win since I thought Ben Wong is an obvious winner, but I don't have problem with this. Raymond Wong has been working hard for a long time and getting an award is good for him. Glad that Nancy gets Most Improved award! Love her

  14. this astro awards goes to those who go only

  15. To Ben:

    Fala, Chi Lam, Ma Ming, Moses, and Linda also won awards, even though they did not attend.

    Recipients are obviously notified to attend beforehand.

  16. Sad to see Michael and Fala win for Favourite Couple for LOO since I thought they had zero chemistry. Wish Vincent and Nancy could have won that since they were the one TV-pairing this (technically aired last) year that I really enjoyed. But glad to see them get a "pork" award at least, since GMG was basically ignored at the TVB awards.

    If these are an indication of the TVB awards to come, then it looks like Kevin/Myolie is a lock for Best Actor/Actress. In that case, Favourite Male Character is going to Michael for consolation. TBH, I find it fitting since I think "Laughing" shines because of the character, and not the acting. At least in LOO.

  17. Michael and Fala were actually very well-received, if comments on weibo are any indication. And no character would shine if the acting is not on par.

  18. @ Anomymous,
    I did say "I thought" so your comment about their Weibo popularity is redundant. And I definitely disagree about your latter comment. But of course, good acting will make a well-written character shine MORE. Just like Laughing truly shined in E.U. due to a combi of good writing and acting. It made the character super popular. But if Michael's acting is so great on its own, then why does he still need the popularity from Laughing years after instead of shining in new roles?

  19. wow.... so riggged... it just says RIGGED all over!! haha

    definetely TVB decided these awards -- I mean there are many characters who I think deserve the award to be one of the most favourites..and yet they arent on there -- Mandy from FH3, Jessica's role in CRH ... there's many people on the list who should have gotten the award for something else.

    This might give us a hint tho -- if TVB gives these awards for Astro now .. these are unlikely the winners for TVB Anniversary. Knowing TVB -- they like to play compensation games aka "pork awards" ...I have a feeling some of these arent going to get the same awards back at the Anniversary.

    Especially since some of these winning awards for dramas have low ratings.

  20. @Advo: I've never said Michael's acting is great on its own -- Michael wouldn't say so himself and none of his fans will do so either. Unlike you who seem eager to dismiss his acting altogether and claim that his character shone only because of the writing. Which can NEVER be the case for any character.

    And hence, since I will never disagree that a good performance is a combination of good acting AND writing, I will say Michael hasn't shone in Blossom and Emissary due in great part to the extremely poor writing (of his characters in particular and not necessarily the whole script) -- surely you can't honestly tell me those characters of his were in any way well-written.

    And then there's Laughing in Omission -- while you may not think that he "shone" in it, the interesting fact as observed on Weibo and Baidu is that many people who are new to him (ie those who've never seen EU) thought he was brilliant, and it's mostly those who're already tired of this character and hence viewing him with an already critical/biased eye who kept putting him and his acting down.

    Finally, why would your saying "I thought so" make my remark about Michael and Fala's Weibo popularity in any way redundant? You stated your opinion, why can't I state the opinion of many others? Does it bother you that much that there're many opinions different from yours out there?

  21. i think bosco was better than laughing in LOO

  22. @Anonymous above this:

    Are you Ben?

  23. @ Anonymous

    LOL. I seem to want to dismiss his acting entirely? Then why did I say he was great in E.U.? Furthermore, I will even concede to you that he did some good work in La Femme Desperado and Family Link. And *gasp* that I thought he did pretty good in The Turning Point despite being overshadowed. The difference between you and me is just that I judge from performance to performance. And perhaps Weibo fans - according to you - loved his performance. Probably because they haven't seen him actually do better. Interesting theory, no? At least as good as your oh you guys are just tired of Laughing and that's why you diss him theory. And like I said previously, I disagree that characters can't shine based on writing. I've seen many cases of it - in fact - I believe Bosco only shined in LOO due to great writing for Bai Co. I believe that is also some people's argument for Kevin in GJ but I haven't watched the show. What I would argue however, is that writing alone cannot make a character shine with a sh*t actor. See the difference?

    Why on earth would I think Michael's acting was good in LOO when he was outshined by Bosco - a very mediocre actor imo? Why on earth would I think Michael deserves Best Actor for a mediocre performance over someone like Roger who managed to really shine WITH a bad script?

    Also, no no I'm not so insecure that I can't take your see my "stats" argument. I just thought it was redundant because I presume - given the fact that they got the AOD award which is what this post is about - that already indicated they had a certain amount of popularity. TVB fudging the results or not. I JUST DISAGREE hence me writing I disagree. And your I disagree with your disagreement of the results and take a look at all these people who also disagree with you argument, still doesn't invalidate my opinion. And btw, Vincent and Nancy's pairing was also popular on Weibo, so...

    And FYI in case you want to accuse me of more bias - I'm a huge fan of Fala, but unlike you perhaps, I can also still be critical of people, I actually like. It's call objectivity. And I will tell you that she SUCKED in LOO.

  24. @Selina no that wasnt me, just becuz im a fan of bosco doesnt mean ill go around saying bosco is better then laughing

  25. @Advo: I meant that you seem to want to dismiss his acting entirely *in Omission*, obviously.

    And oh I can definitely be objective when it comes to Michael as well, as I happen to think he didn't perform his best in Turning Point, and also his choice of acting style in Blossom was unfortunate as it turned out to be rather unpopular, BUT I will also take into consideration the quality of the writing when judging an actor's performance.

    I must say I'm actually NOT seeing what difference you're talking about -- you said you would argue that "writing alone cannot make a character shine with a sh*t actor" (which means you agree with this statement no?), which seems to be exactly what I was saying and what you're against in the first place, given that you thought Laughing Sir's popularity was ONLY about the writing. Again the facts are that Michael's acting in LOO was very highly praised on weibo -- you don't have to trust me on that, just go do a search especially in the period LOO was being broadcast (oh, and his being "outshined by Bosco" is merely your opinion and that of a number of people I'm sure, but there's no real indication at all that the majority of people felt that way) -- and good writing of the character alone could not have made the character resonate with all those people, without good acting to go with it. And whether those people's praises of his acting were due to their not having seen him do better, is moot.

    And speaking of which I'm exactly judging performance from performance when it comes to LOO -- that's what I've been urging people to do in fact, to judge only the actor's nominated performance and NOT be biased by his performances in other shows. But you claim to do that, yet you're saying "people think he did great in LOO because they haven't seen him actually do better" -- aren't you contradicting yourself then by using his previous performances as a reference point??

    Your comments since my first comment have indeed seemed extremely insecure, since I'd merely stated a simple observation and opinion, a mere two lines that, while contradicting some of what you said, were quite mild in tone. But you about jumped down my throat calling my observation "redundant", and putting words in my mouth by insinuating that I claimed "Michael's acting is so great on its own". Last I checked, if you can state your opinion here, I can jolly well present different POVs too -- as long as I'm not bashing on any artiste or any other poster, who's anyone (save for hyn perhaps) to say my comment is redundant?

  26. @ My dear anon

    You think me calling your comment about weibo popularity redundant was "jumping down your throat"? It WAS redundant because this post is about them getting a popularity award. I think you're the one who's a tad bit insecure here since you don't see to understand this.

    I won't continue argue in circles about Michael and his acting. You have your weibo "stats", I have my eyes.

  27. @Advo: It was apparent you believed the award was rigged and had no basis in actual votes, hence it was necessary to point out the stats. Together with how you twisted my words, your reaction just smacked of... for a simple two line comment.

    And yeah, no point continuing to argue about Michael and his acting, you have your eyes and your own opinion, I have my eyes and the opinion of many others on the web.