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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"When Heaven Burns" Promotional Clip 1

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Personal Note: Featured in 2009's Sales Presentation.... Over two years since it began filming.... Chan Hung Lit's last series.... Finally airing on November 21st @ 9:30pm!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Lost interest when they couldn't get Nick and with all the plot changes tbh.

  2. Finally! I don't think it'll go so well for the HK viewers though... they seem to complain about everything.

  3. It's been so long.. and I keep getting confused about the cast of the real series and the sales presentation because I keep thinking that Kate is in this.

  4. hmm the first promo clip isnt that captivating....I'm wondering if it's because they couldn't get the cast to film commercial clip..btw

    i just noticed..whatever happened to Kenny Wong?? Like I was sick of seeing him after WAB but I wouldn't expect him to suddenly disappear...is he still with TVB??

  5. I still like this even without Nick Cheung. I am watching this for its fresh storyline, not just the cast.

  6. To JingMui:

    The young versions are quite significant to the storyline. Bowie filmed some promo clips for this series, so there should be some newly filmed promo clips featuring the main cast later on.

    Kenny's currently filming "Ladder to Heaven". He also has "Psychological Warfare", "The Boxing King", and "4 in Love", which have yet to air.

  7. I wonder how many times Moses and Kenny have filmed together, lol. They've been together a lot.

  8. lol it's the War and Beauty trio! BowiexMosesxKenny has been the trio since the popularity of WAB!