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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TVB Sales Presentation 2012 Screen Captures

"Triumph in the Skies II"

"Detective Columbo"

"The Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang"

"4 in Love"

"Special Duties Unit"

"Lucky Father"

"36 Hours on Call"

"The Dazzling Dance of Chang'an"

"Prominent Family"

"King Makers"

"Thunderous Drug Raid"

"War and Beauty II"

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Personal Note: In last year's Sales Presentation, there was a clip filmed for "Counter Terrorism Response Unit", and it was also featured in the booklet; however, it only aired in the overseas version (i.e., it did not broadcast in HK). "The Chronicles of Empress Lu" and "Lu for King" weren't even featured in the Sales Presentation booklet.... It would definitely be a pity if they are not released at all...such a waste of resources! Was looking forward to those clips! 囧!


Surprised that Sheren and Ada have an ambiguous relationship in the Sales clip of "War and Beauty II". According to a Sing Tao article that was released earlier, Tavia and Mandy also had an ambiguous scene in "Lu for King". TVB seems to be pushing its boundaries by exploring such themes in its series.... :P

*Credits to tungstar, mingpao, and tvbchannel


  1. Sheren and Ada's ambiguous scenes look interesting and fresh. I hope the ambiguous theme stays and fully developed for WAB2.

    Yes so 囧 that TVB decided not to release Empress Lu and Lu for King at all. They are wasting all the resources money, energy, manpower and all. I was looking forward for Maggie become the empress too

  2. I'm very excited to see these scenes between Sheren and Ada.
    It'd be funny if the HK people complain so much they actually remove this whole plot from the show.
    On second though, that's just sad.

  3. Wow, WAB2 will definitely be refreshing if Ada and Sheren are to have a romantic storyline in there! TVB is finally doing what America and other Asian countries have already done! Haha!

    Too bad that we can't see the two Lu clips! Now we don't know if Ta and Mandy had a relationship in "Lu for King" or not.