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Friday, November 25, 2011

Rebecca Zhu Fills in for Fala Chen in New Series



Problems have arisen in Fala Chen's facial nerves; for fear of serious facial paralysis, [she] will be returning to the US in early December to rest for a month, helplessly pulling out of the grand production "Prominent Family". TVB anxiously looked for another candidate. It has been said that this role has already been confirmed to be filled in by this year's Miss Hong Kong winner, Rebecca Zhu. Director of Production Tommy Leung admitted: "Although Rebecca Zhu is a newcomer, her acting is quite comfortable. (Is it related to her resemblance to Fala?) A little bit! But mostly because her air is very suitable. This series is about the '20s and '30s".

Rebecca can be considered the representative Miss Hong Kong for the past few years. After gaining the crown, [she] has already been in a movie, and now [she] also has an opportunity to be one of the female leads, battling in acting with Tavia Yeung, so absolutely do not mind being the 'second choice'. "The company has given me this good opportunity; I am very grateful and happy. I will work hard and appreciate it. As a newcomer, there is definitely pressure, but just met with Tavia; we chatted. She is a very good person...believe that, with her carrying me, it should be okay".

Caption 1: The grand production "Prominent Family" is a 40-episode long series. Because of health problems, Fala has lost out on a role that has much to do; she also feels helpless.

Caption 2: Rebecca is the representative Miss Hong Kong for the past few years. After gaining the crown, work has come one after the other. Entering the industry for four months, [she] has already had opportunities to film a movie and a series...heavily promoted by the company.

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*Credits to mingpao and tvbchannel


  1. good on her. i guess that apart from Rebecca Zhu, Kate Tsui and Anita Yu are the other Ms HK that has been promoted heavily.

  2. dont think that she will be against tavia which is way better than her.

  3. Wow... I feel bad for all the supporting actresses that worked hard and still haven't been given a chance for a leading role. She better be a really great actress or this can backfire on them. For example, Elaine Yiu was given some big roles in the beginning but got heavily criticized, but she has not greatly improved when she was given smaller roles, but she has not been given another big role lately.

  4. Although I think it's a bit unfair for other actresses who haven't been given such a chance yet and to see Rebecca rising up that fast, I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's TVB. They've kinda done similar things before.
    I hope she has a good head on her shoulders because she's gonna need it. Be ready for all the criticisms that are prone to follow... Colleagues encouraging her and easing her in will help a good deal. :)

  5. @AC

    I found Elaine's acting in The Life and Times of a Sentinel pretty well ... can't believe she didn't even get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

  6. It is actually not a surprising thing to see Miss HK getting a lead role/2nd lead immediately.
    Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Amy Kwok just to name a few got big roles when they were newcomers too. That's just how TVB works. The difference though is that Rebecca has been studying at an art school since 16, so she is bound to have some experience already in the acting field.
    Besides, Fala Chen isn't that spectacular, so I don't know why some people make it seem like she is irreplaceable.

  7. She's like Linda Chung, the first ever role they had were quite large. You never know some people just have the natural talent.