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Friday, November 25, 2011

2012 Shaw Brothers CNY Movie "I Love Hong Kong 2"


Release Date: CNY 2012

Producer: Eric Tsang
Directors: Chung Shu Kai & Wilson Chin
Publisher: Shaw Brothers (HK) Limited

The main storyline will be on four couples: Eric Tsang paired with Teresa Mo, Bosco Wong paired with Denise Ho, Stanley Fung paired with Siu Yam Yam, and Fama's 6 Wing paired with a Mainland actress. In addition, a majority of TVB's siu sangs and fa dans will appear as guest stars.

Teresa Mo and Denise Ho will play sisters.

Wilson Chin will be responsible for the parts with music and song-and-dance, while Chung Shu Kai will be responsible for filming the comedy.

FYI: The Chinese title of this movie has been changed to 《喜上加囍》 (literally translated as "Double Happiness Upon Happiness").

Personal Note: Love Eric and Teresa in "Men Suddenly in Black", so looking forward to their collaboration in here! :)

*Credits to mingpao and tvbchannel


  1. BoscoxDenise sounds refreshing but too bad it'd be so much better if it was Shawn Yue x Denise since they make a good onscreen couple and jokingly call each other bf and gf alot =P Really wish Eric would stop producing this type of movies with loads of guest star. They're not producing any movies that has substance or meaning at all!

  2. haha ... denise isnt old enough to be teresa mo's sister is she?

    But definetely look forward to it! Eric Tsang has a way with producing really sweet and touching new years movies. also havent seen him and teresa play a pairing in a long time~ Look forward!

  3. My cousin in HK is a Denise fan and she just told me that this news is wrong because Denise said to Mingpao that she will work with Dayo Wong.

  4. @Selina your wrong, denise actually confirmed it http://www.ihktv.com/2012-shaw-surreal-i-love-hong-kong-2.html

  5. To JingMui:

    There is a 19-year age difference between Teresa and Denise. Teresa looks good for her age.

    Love Eric and Teresa in "Men Suddenly in Black", so looking forward to their collaboration in here! :)

    To Selina:

    In the Ming Pao article, Denise said that she will film a CNY movie with Eric Tsang, Stanley Fung, Dayo Wong, etc.

  6. Oh wow even Dayo Wong is in this?! If so I must watch then haha I like Denise too so I'll watch no matter what.

  7. i love dayo wong, he's so funny!

  8. yes i loved their chemist in MSIB! Teresa did a fabulous job!!!!

    Oh~ .true..haha for some reason i thought teresa was Liza wang's age... haha yes definitely Teresa looks very good for her age ...

    Wow Dayo Wong is going to be in it?? Must watch even more!! LOVE dayo!!

  9. I like HOCC! Wow, Eric+Teresa+Dayo= Hen Gao Ziao! :D