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List updated on Monday, July 2, 2018.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

'11 Anniversary Time

As always, the results will be rigged (especially when deserving nominees were left out, and many artistes were nominated for the wrong performances)...didn't even want to do this post, but it's time to reveal this year's predictions!

tvb.com Weibo Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng

Since Weibo is more Mainland-based, Kevin Cheng is definitely winning this award after gaining much popularity from the Mainland series "Bu Bu Jing Xin".

Most Improved Female Artiste: Sire Ma

Just think that Sire will win because she seems to be the most promoted of the nominees in this category.

Most Improved Male Artiste: MC Jin

Want Jazz Lam to win, but TVB will most likely give MC Jin this award to thank him for doing so much for TVB this year (i.e., hosting various programmes, participating in series, filming the Sales clip for "Triumph II", and taking part in the movie "Turning Point 2").

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan ("Ghetto Justice")

Voted for Nancy Wu, and definitely think that Nancy, Elena Kong, and Queenie Chu had much more stronger performances in their respective series; however, Sharon's role in "Ghetto" created more buzz during its broadcast. Having gained more exposure after the airing of the series, as well as being promoted to a leading role in "Schemes of East and West", it seems likely for Sharon to win.

Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong ("Lives of Omission")

Ben's 'Spicy Ginger' was definitely one of the more standout supporting roles this year (however, to me, he will forever be most memorable as Ah Hoi from "A Kindred Spirit"). The recipients of this award tend to have more experience in the industry; with over 20 years in the industry, and having received much praise for his performance, an acknowledgment in terms of an award from TVB is certainly plausible.

My Favourite TV Female Character: Linda Chung ("Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!")

Preferred Linda's role in "Twilight Investigation" than "Sir", but it would make sense for Linda to win for Miss Koo, considering the noise that the character created while the series aired, as well as the fact that the character was so well-received that it will be having a spin-off at the end of the year.

Best Actress: Myolie Wu ("Curse of the Royal Harem")

When actually looking at acting performance, definitely support Yoyo Mung and Elena Kong for 'Best Actress'; however, it is evident that TVB is pushing a younger fa dan to win this year, and Myolie is first in line. Although the reviews for "Curse" have been mixed (whether it is the cast's performance or the script), Myolie will most definitely win this year's 'Best Actress' award (but still think that it would be more convincing for her to win for "Rippling" or "Ghetto", since there was positive feedback for her performances as a whole in those series, while the feedback for "Curse" has not been good). Although Fala Chen is also considered a hot contender for this award, doubt that she will win, as there was much criticism for her performance in "Lives"; it is obvious that the 'Best Actress' hype surrounding Fala only serves to help solidify her first-line status.

My Favourite TV Male Character: Bosco Wong ("Lives of Omission")

My favourite male character this year was definitely Keith in "Truth", but doubt that TVB will give it Ruco Chan so soon (especially when there's a lineup for these awards). 'Crippled Co' is not a hot favourite, but he is definitely a dark house. Wouldn't be surprised if Bosco were to win this award for this role, as this character also has much support.

Best Actor: Michael Tse ("Lives of Omission")

Don't think that there were any particularly outstanding acting performances this year (especially from the females), but support Michael to win this year's 'Best Actor' award! Considering the genre of "Forensic", doubt that Wayne Lai will win for the third consecutive year, especially when there is nothing special about his performance in the series. Although Kevin Cheng is considered a hot favourite for this award, he already won this award before, so don't think that TVB will give this award to him again. With the continued popularity of Laughing, as well as TVB's intentions to expand the 'Laughing' franchise, it makes sense for Michael to win. Since TVB is all about making money, a 'Best Actor' win for Michael should also help to further increase his appearance fee!

Best Series: "Lives of Omission"

Of the series aired this year, still think that "Twilight Investigation" and "A Great Way to Care" (yes, the warehoused series that was released overseas in 2009) are the 'best'; however, 'Best Series' tends to go a series that not only had high ratings, but also created much noise that year. This year, "Lives of Omission" is definitely that series. With the movie version in the process of filming and releasing at the end of the year, winning 'Best Series' should further promote and hype up the movie.


  1. Don't think Michael deserves Best Actor for LOO. I thought he gave a poor performance. I'd rather see Kevin take it again if his acting is better. Would also be better for Kevin's reputation to win with the audience's support to remove the stench from his previous undeserving win.

  2. ^ I think if Kevin doesn't win this year (bc the awards are rigged), it kinda made up for his undeserving win back in 2006.

    I agree with your list. :)

  3. aww ruco might walk out empty handed

  4. @hyn5: Thank you for taking your time to post your predictions! It's always nice to read what your thoughts are! I agree with all of your predictions except for Most Improved Male Artiste. I think King Kong will win because TVB is promoting him a lot. :)

    @Advo: I don't think KC was that good in GJ. That role could have been played by anyone and it would still the same or even better. It wasn't mentioned that he was a hot favorite when GJ was airing. He became a hot fav. After BBJX

  5. BBJX is a Mainland series, so it shouldn't count for TVB awards.

  6. ^I don't think it makes up for it at all. His 2006 win was undeserving but what's done is done. I don't think the award should be taken away for him to "make up" for 2006. Doesn't that just continue the unfortunate habit of not giving the prize to the real winner? IF Michael was better in LOO, then I would support him but he was terrible whereas Kevin was at least praised for GJ.

  7. @ Guru, no one is claiming that Kevin's acting in BBJX should count in the awards.

  8. @Guru: What does BBJX has to do with Kevin being hot favourite for the TV King? I agree with Advo.

    Michael gets a tailor made role specially made to fit him and most of TVB's promotion geared on him but he didn't do a good job IMO, while Kevin gets a role that Bowie rejected and did a well praised job.

  9. ^ Felix Wong was their 2nd choice. So, Kevin was the last resort.

    tvb.com Weibo Popularity Award

    It's either Kevin or Ruco, but I'm leaning towards Kevin bc of BBJX's success.

    Most Improved Female Artist

    It's either Mandy Wong or Sire Ma, but I think Sire Ma is at an advantage. She's in the grand productions.

    Most Improved Male Artiste

    Not familiar with the contenders in the running.

    Best Supporting Actress

    It's a tight race between Nancy and Sharon. I don't think TVB will give it to Elena, considering her status. Although Nancy's Eva is strong this year, I think TVB will give it to Sharon. I mean, she's co-lead with Fala in "Palace." Nancy isn't promoted to that level yet. =/

    Best Supporting Actor

    I don't mind any of them getting it because all the nominees deserve it. I know it's just an award, but I want all of them to get a recognition. And, an award = a raise :)

    My Favourite TV Female Character

    It's either Linda or Fala, but I think TVB will give it to Linda bc of Miss Koo. I mean, there's a spin-off for that character. lol

    Best Actress

    Myolie. I don't think it's for the right performance, but she will be the first to get it out of the fadans right now. I wonder who will be in top 5.

    My Favourite TV Male Character

    I think Ruco might grab this award, considering Keith was a huge success. And, he is a TVB managed artist. I'm not surprised if TVB is paving the way for him to become a siu sang.

    Best Actor

    Michael. There's just too much hype about Laughing Gor. I think when TVB gives an award to someone, TVB looks at how much "money" to make from it. With another Laughing Gor movie coming out at the end of the year, I'm not surprised if Michael is chosen.

    Best Series

    "Lives of Omission." It was the "talk of town." Although FH3 got the highest ratings this year, there's not a lot of hype about it.

    All in all, TVB will award to someone who can help them make money. So, think about the contenders future projects and you can predict who has a higher chance of winning. :)

  10. honestly.. i don't think Linda Chung will get any awards this year.. especially not for Yes Sir Sorry Sir.. !!

  11. @ Kay, but there was also an article that claimed Kevin was coming out on top in the race because of the success of BBJX. It claimed that Kevin's popularity skyrocketed and increased his fees. TVB do get a cut of his profits in Mainland, right? So maybe they'll back Kevin the money-making-machine over Laughing? I'm genuinely surprised that there's still hype around Laughing since I thought Michael gave a very mediocre performance. Furthermore, aren't people tired of the character? I personally thought it was ridiculous that they didn't even bother to explain around his death.

  12. I like reading your predictions, although I can tell we have different tastes in series. lol

    My guesses as of this moment (since they keep changing):
    Best Actor: Kevin
    Best Actress: Myolie
    Male Character: Michael
    Female Character: Linda
    Supporting Actor: Ben
    Supporting Actress: Sharon
    Most Improved Male: Jazz
    Most Improved Female: Sire

    Our predictions are slightly different, but I do notice that most of these actors are from something that will have a sequel next year: Laughing movie, Miss Koo spinoff, Ghetto Justice 2. TVB wants to make that money!

  13. I just read some news that Ruco had some meetings with the management. If that means Ruco will get the Favourite Male Character award I certainly don't mind and will be glad :D

  14. @Kay: Glad if TVB wants to make Ruco to be a siu sang. I love Keith a lot and it's evidently rigged if TVB wants to give it to Laughing or Cripple Co. Law Ba is a great character too.

    I love Sharon but it's unfair if she got it and not Nancy. Nancy gives my favourite performance in FOrensic 3. Her acting matures a lot and she makes Eva a memorable role!

  15. @Guru: Kevin didn't become a hot favourite after BBJX. The fuss all started when Kevin and Myolie won a poll@ HK discussion forum (a month ago?). Most HK netizens haven't even seen BBJX, so their opinion are most likely based on what they see in TVB. So it's unfair to say that he is hyped because of BBJX and not because of GJ. I don't see TVB using BBJX either to boost his popularity in HK.

  16. Yes Bwear is right. The fuss started after the result of that HKD poll was published and Kevin and Myolie are leading the poll. So it's fair that Kevin and Myolie get the support from HK netizens based on Ghetto and that's what the media published and start saying Kevin is audience hot favourite and not Laughing.

    BBJX is more popular for mainland and overseas Chinese audience.

  17. your predictions and favourites are similar to sandalls @ TVB: A Way of Thinking.

    I agree with all the logic behind your choices!

  18. I basically agree with all your predictions, except that Best Series probably goes to Forensic Heroes III instead. Simply because this drama got higher ratings, and TVB takes ratings very seriously, just like how Can't Buy Me Love's average ratings were higher than No Regrets, thus winning the Best Series 2010.

  19. @Advo, @Selina, @ Bwear: KC's character was not considered a hot fav. at first when the GJ aired. Sure the character was different from the his previous ones but you can't help that his character in "Only You" was very similar. There was very minor talk saying that he will win 'Best Actor' but all of that happened because of BBJX. Don't get me started with the HKD poll. TVB even started to hype it up by saying that he and Myolie were leading in "votes" for 'Best Actor' and 'Best Actress'. The voting didn't even start because the nominations weren't even out.

    Anyway I still think that KC will only go home with the Weibo award. I don't think that TVB will give him the award this year to compensate for his undeserving win in 2006. Thanks for reading!

  20. @Guru i agree wid u i dont think kevin will win best actor again, i dont wnt laughing to win and i want kevin to win but i think tvb would just give laughing best actor and kevin my favorite or weibo award

  21. @Guru: Really.. He really didn't get hyped because of BBJX (in HK). In fact, there are very few mentions about BBJX in the HK press and even TVB's own entertainment news programs, and when it does get mentioned, it's only said to be "very popular" in Mainland. Just as I said before: both HK netizens and press don't care about BBJX. When the press relate BBJX with KC, it's only put as a sidenote - the focus is still on Law Ba. Trust me, I pretty much follow everything BBJX related. I really have to ask you: where did you read that Kevin is a hot favourite because of Ba ye (8th Prince)? I don't see it anywhere. It's all Law Ba everywhere in HK press. I came across an article where 17 of 36 TVB artists were rooting for KC. Do you think they have even seen BBJX?

    I'm not trying to argue with you. Heck.. this discussion seems pretty silly. But it's unfair to say that Law Ba isn't popular and that people only want him to win because he did great in BBJX. Just for example: how many people here have seen BBJX? Not many. I really don't get where your conclusion is coming from.

    Little talking about Law Ba? Ofcourse! GJ was aired during early June, ofcourse there will be no talk and no fuss. As we said before, the hype started when they were leading the online non official poll on HKD (not TVB's official poll). At the end of the day.. I also do not think TVB will give the award to KC. But, do I think Law Ba isn't "hot" in HK? No, definitely not. Law Ba, Keith and Laughing were the three most talked male characters this year.

  22. @Bwear: Really? Do you really think that 17 of the 36 artistes have watched GJ? Really? Do you really think that all of those artistes are watching "Curse"? Many have been saying that they "heard" that Myolie is good in "Curse" before the series even aired.

  23. @Bwear: Yes and if TVB didn't air Omission and promote it Keith might be talked more but because TVB aired Omission, TVB political airing added Laughing into the mix and added new character Cripple Co which somewhat made Keith limelight slow down and break the audience into more teams. I hate TVB politics. Luckily Law Ba continue getting more support from netizens. In latest HKD results, Laughing is not at top 3 at all.

  24. @Selina watch you be disappointed on awards night, you always think kevin would win actor or most favorite, he wont win BEST ACTOR for sure but most favorite half half

  25. @Guru: Atleast they mentioned GJ and Curse, whether they watched it or not, cause these are the series that they have in mind.

    Nobody mentioned BBJX.

  26. @Guru:
    "I came across an article where 17 of 36 TVB artists were rooting for KC. Do you think they have even seen BBJX?"

    I'm not trying to prove that everyone supports KC. That is not my point. I'm trying to say that BBJX won't make any impact on the favoritism of KC. It's more likely that these artists have seen GJ than BBJX. The same goes with Hong Kong netizens. So he really doesn't rely on his character in BBJX.

    That's all I'm trying to point out. Peace :)

  27. I don't think many of the 17 out of 36 TVB artistes have watched GJ either - if they don't even have time to watch their own shows, why would they have time to watch their colleague's? Fact is, a lot of them are also picking him based on hype.

  28. And Michael definitely has way more than 2 colleagues rooting for him, as reported in other news reports -- why TVB Weekly chose to ignore those supporters of his is a matter for speculation...

  29. Wow. Your predictions were pretty close (: