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Saturday, March 19, 2011

TVB 2011 Managed Artistes @ 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 717



Forty-four TVB-managed artistes took part in this photo shoot. Michael Tse, Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Roger Kwok, Michael Miu, Ron Ng, and Kate Tsui are featured on the cover of this issue.

This time, TVB has spent a seven-figure fee to take new pictures for its managed artistes, and professional stylist SK was also invited to take pictures for 150 artistes. Virginia Lok, the Controller of Production Resources Division of TVB, said, "Tavia Yeung, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, and Bowie Lam were not in Hong Kong earlier, so they have not taken their pictures yet. Will definitely make the arrangements again".

Behind-the-Scenes Clips

Personal Note: Love Ma Ming's picture, as he looks very cool! Also like the use of the prop as a boxing bandage. :)

He he.... Funny how Roger is the only one with a shirt on! :P

Also, don't know why Ron's tattoo was on the table.... :P

*Credits to Kenwick @ 法拉城, singtao, and HKLOVE.org


  1. Quite different this year.

    Do you think the placement of the actors/actresses have anything to do with their status?

    I wonder if TVB will begin to treat Bowie and Charmaine differently...

    Linda and Kate are kinda similar (in terms of pose).

  2. I think the first photo shows all the first line fa dans and siu sangs. Does Wayne Lai not have a tvb management contract? (I thought he changed it from per series to management contract). Without Charmaine, there is number 1 fa dan for tvb. (raymond and moses i think are considered both number 1 siu sang)

  3. *there is NO number 1 fa dan for tvb without Charmaine

  4. I don't know who has it worst: Bernice or Shirley? Both are not really promoted at the moment.

  5. All of them look really good. The guys look hot while the girls look sexy. Still think that Suki, Bernice and Mag's one look kinda weird. Anyway, I think that these artiste will change their blog banner soon into these.

  6. so the artistes that missed out on the shoot.. will they still get the chance to take a photo or will they be totally forgotten??

  7. To Tracy:

    Those with a larger picture have a higher status in TVB. Michael Tse, Ma Ming, Fala, Linda, Myolie, Raymond, Moses, Bosco, Roger, Michael Miu, Ron, and Kate are featured on the cover, so these should be TVB's first-line artistes. Since Raymond and Moses are in the center, they have a higher status.

    Actually found all the female artistes to have similar poses....

    To Anonymous:

    Wayne is not TVB-managed.

    To Anonymous:

    In the Sing Tao article, Miss Lok said that they will make arrangements to have the rest of the managed artistes take their pictures.

  8. I think that Fala and Koni have the best picture. Ray's kinda looks weird, I like the one that Chapman To put on his Weibo, better.

  9. I like the photos that Chapman posted on his weibo alot better as well! the one of Kristal was so much better with the close up and hat! What happened?!

  10. Is that all of the managed artists? Wow, I'm really gonna miss Charmaine! Where's Steven??

  11. Found Selena's photo to be very.pretty. But her photo is small when merged with all the other artistes. :( tvb doesn't seem to promote her that much.. :(

  12. i liked koni's picture, its very unique and more modelesque than the others, suki's picture was also very cute :)

  13. I think Koni and Nancy's is different from others, Mag's pose is adorable. Wonder what happen with Roger's clothed part. I think Shirley and Sharon's poses are the same....
    Actually, i like 3Gor's pose....

  14. Surprised (and happy) that Edwin got a biggish pic. Hope it means that he will get promoted. TVB needs to develop the upcoming Siu Sungs, it's easier to get more of the females through beauty contests..And hopefully the new line of Siu Sungs include Jason Chan & Edwin!

  15. I wish they'd promote Tsui Wing more he's really handsome and left a deep impression on me with his role as Kau Chung =( I liked Jason Chan's role in Someday, he has this really likable appearance.

  16. @sport: Jason Chan is very popular in HK. A lot of girls like him for his likeability and think he's underpromoted by TVB. TVB should promote him a lot more

  17. I wonder why Roger is fully clothed?

  18. i think that raymond lam and jason chan is the most cutest guys ever..... :)

  19. OMG! These pictures look so good! My favorites are Kate, MM, Linda, Ron, Michael, Nancy, Selena, Myolie, Moses, and William.

    Why is Mag's picture so big?