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Friday, March 4, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" Launching Ceremony


"Scoop" Clip

Candy Yuen: "Liu Xuan's first series, 'Grace Under Fire', held a launching ceremony this afternoon. Liu Xuan, who hasn't performed on the balance beam for a while, and Fala Chen performed a posture together".

Candy Yuen: "Not to be outdone, the actors also performed kung fu skills of the hands and legs".

Candy Yuen: "Liu Xuan, you just performed on the balance beam for us; did the feelings come back?"

Liu Xuan: "Actually haven't done it for for a while. Actually, this stage is really mediocre".

Candy Yuen: "They all said that you were very incredible".

Liu Xuan: "Really mediocre. Next time, let you arrange it again".

Candy Yuen: "Really? Perform for us next time, right? I also think that Fala is very incredible. Did you stretch for a while?"

Liu Xuan: "Yes, very incredible".

Fala Chen: "No, it's because I didn't warm up that my waist hurts now".

Kenneth Ma: "I'm a sandbag in this series. Everyone is able to hit me".

Candy Yuen: "In the series, who do you think fights the most vigourously?"

Kenneth Ma: "Him. He and Xuan both fight vigourously. Yes, he and Xuan fight.... Especially him, since he doesn't have any padding at all. Thus, he had to put up with it during filming--very painful".

Candy Yuen: "As for Liu Xuan's first time filming a series and the performing of sturdy and real kung fu being the focus of the promotion of the new series, would other siu sangs and fa dans be envious?"

Bosco Wong: "It's called Female Fist, not Male Fist, Ma Fist, or Wong Fist, right? I think it doesn't matter. Everyone.... The main thing is that everyone enjoyed filming this series together and were happy together. Nothing about what the focal point would be. As long as you do your best on your own part, then it's okay".

Fala Chen: "No, I'm also the focal point, because we don't get along with each other. Just treat it as promotion for the series".

Candy Yuen: "The two of you are...."

Liu Xuan: "Shanxi vinegar...."

Fala Chen: "What?

Liu Xuan: "Shanxi vinegar...."

Fala Chen: "You're very difficult to understand".

Candy Yuen: "Did you already become good friends after completing the filming of this series?"

Liu Xuan: "Of course. After completing the filming this series".

Fala Chen: "After completing the filming this series".

Liu Xuan: "Because, actually.... Very close because we can usually use Mandarin to communicate. Our mother tongue is not Cantonese, right?"

Fala Chen: "We use Mandarin to speak poorly of others".

Candy Yuen: "I see that your Cantonese improved a lot".

Liu Xuan: "Thank you. Learning right now".

TVB8 Clip


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Interview Clips:
Kenneth Ma

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Personal Note: He he.... You can see that Ma Ming still has his tattoo for his role as an abnormal killer in "Special Duties Unit".... ;)

Also, funny how Fala said that she and Liu Xuan use Mandarin to speak poorly of others.... :P

*Credits to lovebosco.net and tvb.com

1 comment:

  1. I'm still not sure of Liu Xuan's capability to carry the series but she might fight well because of her background.

    Fala is funny :D