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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" Promotional Event 2



Liu Xuan Discusses Series' Friendship Development; Fala Chen Laughingly Says That Character Resembles Hong Kong Girls

Liu Xuan: "Because we really have different personalities. I am the more traditional type, while she is the type of girl with new ideas, so I dislike her. She may also think that I am not direct enough when I do things--slightly silly. Thus, in the beginning, the two are not very compatible; however, in the end, after we become good friends, there are many times in which she would help me".

Shermaine Wong: "[We] know that Fala doesn't have to fight in the series this time; however, in terms of the personality of this character, it is actually quite special, right?"

Fala Chen: "She is only, I think.... Actually, everyone would now call her a Hong Kong girl; however, back then, it would be considered more special because she is very feminist. She would think that women should strive for what they should have. Actually, there was inequality in the pre-modern era, so in that environment, she encounters many obstacles".

Kenneth Ma Highly Praises Liu Xuan's Postures as Being Outstanding; Bosco Wong Reveals Gymnastics Queen's New Nickname

Kenneth Ma: "She is the type who, all of a sudden, when waiting on set and talking on the phone, would put her leg up like this. Put her leg up against a wall like this while talking on the phone. 'Hello....' Like this. This type of person".

Shermaine Wong: "Very scared...."

Bosco Wong: "She is very frightening".

Kenneth Ma: "Very incredible".

Bosco Wong: "Her legs are always put somewhere else".

Kenneth Ma: "I thought that her arms were pretending to be her legs, but it was not the case. She really held her leg up there".

Bosco Wong: "The national treasure is over there. The national treasure is over there. The national treasure is over there".

Kenneth Ma: "Like this. 'Hello....'"

Bosco Wong: "Be more low-key. The national treasure is over there. The national treasure is over there".

Shermaine Wong: "Xuan is over there looking at the two of you".

Kenneth Ma: "She knows that we're talking about her".

Bosco Wong: "We call her a national treasure. She is a national treasure, so we can't offend her. Xuan is good...."

Kenneth Ma: "Xuan is very good...."

"Scoop" Clip

Liu Xuan's TVB Blog

Kenneth Ma's TVB Blog

Kenneth Ma's TVB Blog

Personal Note: Didn't translate the beginning of Liu Xuan's interview, as she was simply responding to her recent rumours.

He he.... Since Ma Ming is still filming "Special Duties Unit", he has not removed his tattoo yet.... ;)

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