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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" Sub Song MV

"See You Later" - Liu Xuan

回見 《女拳》 片尾曲 - 劉璇

作曲/監製: 鄧智偉
填詞: 鄭櫻綸
編曲: Johnny Yim

以為說回見 總能再見一面
雖說過回見 早該多看一眼
離開那一夜 一生的離別
你說的諾言 夢裡再實現

*回憶種在我指尖 長成泡沫飛滿天
輕輕觸碰 輕輕的破滅
氣息停留在昨天 感到你在我身邊
輕輕的愛 輕輕的蔓延

輕輕說回見 換來一生糾結
聲音沒改變 迴旋在那一夜
我們的世界 等待再重疊
你說的諾言 一天會實現

Repeat *

思念在你我之間 化成空氣的一些
輕輕相隨 輕輕的相連
如果故事能重編 我會再多說一遍

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Personal Note: The CD version is definitely better than the live version that was performed on "Jade Solid Gold"; however, still do not like Liu Xuan's singing voice....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. Liu Xian's adorable and not a bad actress, but honestly, this song would sound a lot better if it wasn't her singing it, lol.

  2. Can I have link to the actual video?