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Friday, March 18, 2011

Julian Cheung 《What Is Love》

Track List:
01. 冧爆你 Melt Your Heart
02. 反斗奇兵 Toy Story
03. 戀上外星人 In Love with an Extraterrestrial
04. 秘密樂園 Secret Paradise
05. 究竟海有幾深 Actually How Deep Is the Ocean
06. 劃火柴的男人 The Match Man
07. 愛到底是甚麼 (國) Actually What Is Love (M)
08. 深愛著你 Deeply Love You
09. 你是奇蹟 (國) You Are a Miracle (M)

Get your copy of Chi Lam's 《What Is Love》!

01. Melt Your Heart

02. Toy Story

03. In Love with an Extraterrestrial

04. Secret Paradise

05. Actually How Deep Is the Ocean

06. The Match Man

07. Actually What Is Love (M)

08. Deeply Love You

09. You Are a Miracle (M)

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Personal Note: Really enjoy the songs on this album compared to 《I AM CHI LAM》.

The song "Melt Your Heart" is dedicated to Chi Lam's devoted fans. Not really a fan of this song, as the composition is quite corny. :P

My favourite songs would have be "Toy Story" and "In Love with an Extraterrestrial". Chi Lam wrote the lyrics to "Toy Story" for his son, Morton. :D


  1. OMG hyn5 ! I've been searching for this! I love Chilam's singing very much!

    Do you have the MV for "In Love with an Extraterrestrial"? Thanks in advance!

  2. To Jewel:

    Chi Lam just filmed the MV, so it should be out soon.

  3. Always wondered why Julian was never huge in singing. His vocals are above average and he has a handsome face.

  4. I agree with you @chilam-fan! Julian definitely has the looks and he sings alot better than some of the male singers in 1990's.

  5. Hehehehe! I bought this album! Chilam is a very good singer. My favorite tracks are 2, 3, 5, and 6.

    @chilam-fan: I totally get what you are saying! Chilam has a more handsome face than Ekin and Edmond, yet they had or have a greater singer career than him. Edmond can sing, but Ekin only got a singing career because of his movies.