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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kenneth Ma Discusses "Grace Under Fire" @ "Pleasure and Leisure" Clip


Nicky Law: "Today, at my side, we have invited Kenneth Ma, a good actor who is also very cool. Hello, Kenneth".

Kenneth Ma: "Hello, everyone".

Nicky Law: "Recently, in the series 'Grace Under Fire', can always see you. You play the character Yau Sam Sui. In the beginning, you always get beaten up. Afterward, there will be a big transformation in terms of the personality. Is this role difficult to figure out?"

Kenneth Ma: "Actually, can't say that it's too difficult because the role itself.... The script is written really well. When producer Marco [Law] discussed it with me, he said very clearly how the story would progress. In addition, the scriptwriters wrote how this person goes from being good to a villain...all the transition points are very reasonable, such that it becomes very smooth for him to go from being good to a villain. Thus, when I was performing it, I wouldn't say, 'Why would he suddenly turn into a villain?' Would there be such feelings? There were no such feelings".

Nicky Law: "When filming, which scene did you like the most?"

Kenneth Ma: "Actually, there was a scene that left a deep impression on me, which was when.... There's a segment in which Yau Sam Sui knows that Fa, the girl he likes the most, has never liked him. In addition, he quickly discovers that his most.... When his only lifetime goal, which is to be successful, is also gone.... There was a scene in which I was alone at a banquet type of place. All the people had already left. Originally, Yau Sam Sui could receive a Good Citizen Award, but this thing was also gone. That scene should be the lowest point in Yau Sam Sui's life. This scene, I think, left a very deep impression. Very deep impression".

Nicky Law: "Which scene was the most unforgettable or labourious?"

Kenneth Ma: "There were many labourious [scenes] because there are many scenes of getting beaten up. There were also scenes of getting ill-treated by others. However, there was a scene that was very unforgettable to me, which was of him and his younger sister, Gwai Lan. They had a scene, and at that time, we had already fallen out with each other; Yau Sam Sui already became a bad person. Afterward, one night, he and his younger sister arrange to meet with each other again. Basically, the next morning.... [They] clearly say that they will both.... This will be the last night. When seeing each other the next morning, will basically be either you kill me or I kill you. There is a scene like this. That scene also talks about the place in which they would frequently go to eat while they were growing up, so they would go back to that place. Thus, I think that the arrangement of that scene was done very well".

Nicky Law: "This time, Liu Xuan, as in your sister.... This is your first collaboration with her, right?"

Kenneth Ma: "Yes".

Nicky Lo: "This is also her first time filming a TVB series. When you first knew that Liu Xuan would also be filming this series, did you have any worries because she is an actress who speaks Mandarin? Also, she previously did gymnastics, so she may not be very familiar with series. Was there any aspect that worried you?"

Kenneth Ma: "Personally, I was worried but not worried about this, such that I was not worried about her speaking Mandarin. There are many times in which we would go to Mainland to film series; our partners would speak Mandarin, while we speak Cantonese, so I was not worried about this aspect. Rather, I was worried about whether she would be used to TVB's working schedule or not".

Nicky Law: "Very quick".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, because she.... A lot of the time, there is not much time to sleep".

Nicky Law: "Very intensive".

Kenneth Ma: "Very intensive. Everyone is under the situation of not having much time to rest. I didn't know if she.... Also, she has many action [scenes]. I was afraid that it would be labourious for her in this aspect; however, she was able to.... Perhaps it's because she's an athlete; her very persistent personality made her able to get through it".

Nicky Law: "Good physical ability".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, very incredible".

Nicky Law: "In terms of communication, what type of person do you think she is?"

Kenneth Ma: "Actually, she is a.... Actually, she is also a little girl. I find that, when chatting with her, she is quite like a child, such that it is easy for her to laugh greatly because of some things. Thus, not the unreachable person I previously saw receiving awards on television".

Nicky Law: "In terms of collaboration, you filmed an entire series with her. What do you think is the most unforgettable scene?"

Kenneth Ma: "Basically the scene that I just said before. In the scene before this brother and sister have to battle with each other, they arrange to meet and have a meal with one another. After the discussion, will treat each other as enemies the next morning".

Nicky Law: "I read your previous interviews, and you also mentioned Liu Xuan. You said that she is a very hardworking actress, right?"

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, she really is. From initially filming the series, I would say a line.... Because she said her dialogue in Cantonese, when [we] just started filming the series, I couldn't even understand a line of what she said. Didn't even film halfway, but I could already understand her Cantonese dialogue. I really think that she improved very quickly. Also, she is very adorable. There are times, when waiting on set, she would put her leg up really high while talking on phone. 'Hello....'"

Nicky Law: "Perhaps this is a way for her to not make herself sleep".

Kenneth Ma: "However, we think that it's very interesting how she would put her leg up against a tree while talking on the phone".

Nicky Law: "You have actually tried many different roles. For your upcoming projects or in the future, what other breakthroughs do you most want for yourself, in terms of acting ability or roles?"

Kenneth Ma: "Actually, still hope to have a role that is acknowledged by everyone first--one that leaves everyone with a very deep impression. I hope to have this type of role".

Nicky Law: "Okay, then work even harder".

Kenneth Ma: "Okay, thank you".

Nicky Law: "Actually, I have also collaborated with you in series. I also think that you are an extremely good actor".

Kenneth Ma: "Thank you. Thank you".

Nicky Law: "A very good guy. Continue to work hard. I wish for the ratings of 'Grace Under Fire' to rise steadily".

Personal Note: Nicky Law played MK Sun's magician friend in "Survivor's Law II".

At the third promo event of "Grace", it was revealed that the series' third week peaked at 32 points. Hope that the ratings continue to rise!


  1. @hyn5: I remember Yat Ka was the annoying girl in Nicky Law's case. How old is she in real life?

  2. To Guru:

    Yaka Fu was born in 1982.