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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sammul Chan Blasts TVB for Offering Low Prices to Keep Artistes


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Sammul Chan, who was previously promoted by TVB, resolutely left the company last year to go up north to develop his career. When interviewed the other day, he revealed some behind-the-scenes insider information, saying that TVB offered unreasonable terms for a contract renewal. It would be a 10-year contract with no salary increase, which made him discouraged.

In recent years, many of TVB's first-line fa dans and siu sangs have been leaving the company to go up north to film series. Apart from helping to expand the Chinese market, the salary is also much higher! Currently 32 years old, Sammul Chan joined the 'Going Up North Army' last August, and ended his relationship with TVB. The other day, Sammul accepted i-CABLE's interview, and revealed the reason behind his bitterness: "After my contract, I discussed contract renewal with the company; however, there was a dispute over a few 10 dollars raise--so not worth it!" He also revealed that he once considered becoming TVB's 'biological son', but backed out because the terms were harsh: "An executive invited me to discuss the matter of signing a contract. In the terms, it clearly stated that it would be a 10-year contract, but the salary would remain the same. I don't want to argue about anything, but who can guarantee that no one will offer me jobs two years afterward? At that time, how can I live on?"

During the interview, Sammul spoke in Cantonese, and the feeling was refreshing: "Before, I was forced to speak Mandarin. Every time [I] attended events, [I] had to hide and avoid being on camera. Clearly already the biggest station...what are they afraid of?" When mentioning having once been promoted along with Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Kenneth Ma by TVB, in his heart, he felt that it was not quite right seeing all the others get a higher rank. He said: "Clearly put in effort into [my] work, and was acknowledged by the audience, but my peers received awards after awards, while I only stood on the side--didn't even have a part in the nominations". He also directly said that being 'obedient' is the way to survive in TVB: "I don't know how to do that!" Regarding this matter, the reporters contacted TVB's Assistant Director of Foreign Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming, to confirm. He said: "Sammul Chan's contract with TVB has already expired. [He] is now a freelance artiste, and [his] relationship with us is still good. He even agreed to come back to help with the promotions of the new series. If he really has opinions, I will try to get an understanding of it".

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Personal Note: Wish Sammul the best in his future endeavours!

*Credits to the-sun


  1. Supports Sammul 100% and glad that he speaks up about it. He'll do just fine in Mainland - adored him in Schemes of Beauty!

  2. ^ Agreed! He was ripped off of credits TVB should have given him. Glad he's moving on...

  3. Say bye bye Sammul. He is ungrateful to where he was born. Without TVB, can he has the roles in Mainland?

  4. How you treat people is how people will treat you. TVB never promoted Sammul properly pushing him to the side just cause he isn't their biological son. Why should he be grateful for being treat like crap as his popularity fell behind others and never awarded what he deserved?

  5. Why should tvb promote Sammul when he is not a biological son? Would your own company promote a sub-contractor over its own employees, who performed just as well if not better? TVB treats all their artistes like crap, not just him, in fact considering he is not a managed artiste, Sammul was treated reasonably well, even better than some biological sons.

    It is much easier to speak out when one is ensured of success in China and has no need for TVB anymore. I for one think Sammul's recent popularity in China has gotten into his head, making him full of himself.

  6. I don't know when the whole "biological" thing started, but Sammul was not "treated reasonably well."

    He debuted way before Raymond, Ron, and them, but his popularity is nowhere near them. He played mostly second leads, or got ripped off credits in a couple series (The Academy, Guts of Man, and Price of Greed). His only lead series, The White Flame, was warehoused.

    And we all know how good TVB is at overexposing their artists. Can we say Sammul was overly-promoted? No.

    So he found a career outside of TVB. Can we blame him? He gained popularity in Beauty of Scheme, in which he had to try out for the role.

    His blasts at TVB accumulated over the years.

  7. I agree. Sammul came out way before raymond and bosco, and Ron. Lets put the fame aside and look at the pay. He was not pay accordingly and TVB took advantages of him. Sammul is not the first one that TVB took advantages and bloown him off. Its just that he and michael tao are the first to come out and blast him.

    His performances in Beauty of Scheme is very very good. There is alot of room for him to perform and his chemistry with his fellow colleagues are good.

    It is true that TVB doesn't need Sammul, but you are wrong when u say he is ungrateful to TVB

  8. EXACTLY. He's speaking out because he can without putting his career on the table. Felix Wong, Michael Tao (and I believe Tony Leung too) etc. all these famous stars that was once managed by TVB eventually spoke out about their unfair contracts once they got out of the company. The reason why some of TVB's "biological" sons do not speak out because 1) they rely on TVB or 2) they're already being promoted by TVB so what's the point of slamming?

  9. TVB doesn't even treat their own "biological children" well so don't give any sh*t about people owing them. Yes, they make people famous but it's sure isn't out of generosity! They take their cut of the cake - and it is a BIG one! Low pay, ridiculously over-packed schedules, dictating what people are allowed to say, in which dialects, if people are allowed to date, getting "frozen" if you step out of line and God knows what else!

    If Sammul is ungrateful, he's just following in footsteps of even TVB's so-called biological children who flee whenever they are famous enough! In fact, Sammul owes TVB THE LEAST because he managed to rise to fame on his own without TVB's help, so tell, how does he owe them????

    IF TVB is so into promoting ONLY their in-house artistes then why hire other people? Oh yeah, because their shows actually benefits too from a different cast instead of making the audience stare at the same faces in every single series! And each time, they spit in people's faces afterwards. Born Rich with Ray Lui, Kenix, Gallen, Jamie etc. was thrown under the bus. Last year, it was Gun Metal Grey's turn and these are just two very recent examples. TVB doesn't even give a crap about veterans coming back to film for them, so why should anyone be grateful back to TVB?!!!

    Of course, people are not going to spit in their bosses' face as long as they are contracted. Common sense and self-preservation. Not to mention, that TVB is a vicious company to cross.

    Give me a f*cking break about Sammul owing TVB!

  10. they don't even bother promoting Born Rich and Gun Metal Grey. In fact, Micheal Miu has contract with TVB and is 'biological son'. Why didn't TVB given credit for Gun Metal Grey?

    Wayne and Sheren both are not their 'biological children' and yet No Regrets are promoted beyond imagination.

    Honestly, people who don't work for TVB succeed wonderfully: Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Michelle Yip.

    They don't even bother to come back.

    Sammul was betray by his friend, because that was a long time ago and he practically be friend with everyone. He doesn't have a problem with the crew and artiste in the mainland or so... In fact, he was never given any proper role/significant role with TVB drama and hopefully, Relic is something different form previous roles.

  11. sorry, speak something that outta topic :S

  12. I have always liked Sammul for his voice and good looks. It's a pity that TVB didn't promote him like they did with Raymond, Ron, and Bosco.