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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

《拳王》 "The Boxing King" Costume Fitting Pictures




Weibo Pictures

- 25 episodes long.
- Kevin Cheng will play Tong Sap Yat (唐拾一), a retired Thai boxing champion who has an eight-year-old son. When he was in Thailand, he did black market boxing and beat someone to death, and thus was sentenced to prison. After he got out of prison, he retired from boxing and returned to Hong Kong to start anew as an ordinary security guard. Later, he boxes again and meets Raymond Wong.
- Raymond will play Pat Ka Sing (畢家成), an office assistant who has a bad mouth and is lazy and carefree. Later, he meets Kevin's character and starts to box. He later becomes the new Thai boxing champion.
- Selena Li will play Donna Chai Pak Fai (齊柏暉), a career woman who is very fragile in the relationship department. She will be involved in a love triangle with Kevin and Edwin Siu. There will be a scene in which she gets hit by Kevin.
- Natalie Tong will play Yam Ho Kau (任好逑), an unmarried 18-year-old mother. She is a crude girl. After Raymond impregnates her, she is diagnosed with postpartum depression because of a third party entering their relationship.
- Kenny Wong will play Ko Wai Ting (高偉廷), Lau Kong's pupil. He and Kevin both learned how to box from Lau Kong. When they were young, they went to Thailand to do black market boxing. He returns to Hong Kong before Kevin does. He opens a new boxing club, and wants Kevin to return to the boxing scene to teach boxing.
- Power Chan will play Chu Sai Cheung (朱細祥).
- Nancy Wu will play Ting Yan Chi (丁恩慈), a deaf and mute boxing champion. She is initially poor and unemployed; however, Kevin takes her into the boxing club. She later develops an interest in boxing, and Kevin trains her to become the first deaf and mute, female boxing champion. She will have good feelings toward Kevin. She will have a romantic storyline with Power, and they will use sign language to communicate with each other.
- Florence Kwok will play Polly Chong Bo Lam (莊寶琳), Kenny's wife.
- Edwin will play Edward Leung Yan Wah (梁恩樺), the vice president of a telecommunications company. He and Selena grew up together, and they later become husband and wife. Later, his personality changes after discovering that Kevin and Selena still have feelings for one another. Later, because of a car accident, he becomes paralyzed on one side of his body, and he also becomes a violent husband.
- Chow Chung and Angelina Lo will play Raymond's parents who own a company that sells tofu products.
- Lau Kong will play Yam Kwok Lung (任國龍), Natalie's father who manages a boxing club.
- Catherine Chau will play Raymond's ex-girlfriend.
- Sin Ho Ying will play a boxing club coach.
- Tsui Wing will play an experienced Thai boxer who becomes a boxing club coach.
- Gregory Lee will play a boxer.
- Otto Chan will play Tai Chi Lik (戴子力), a boxer.
- Eddie Lau will play a boxing club coach. He and Tsui Wing are rivals.
- Vivi Lee will play a boxing club coach. She and Nancy will compete with each other in a boxing match.
- Davily Leung will play Kevin's wife who passed away 10 years ago. She will only appear in his memories.
- Kate Tsui will guest-star as Cheuk Man (卓敏), Kevin's wife.

Clips (costume fitting):
Kevin Cheng's TVB Blog
Selena Li's TVB Blog
Natalie Tong's TVB Blog
Nancy Wu's TVB Blog
Edwin Siu's TVB Blog
Catherine Chau's TVB Blog
Tsui Wing's TVB Blog
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Vivi Lee's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Kevin Cheng's TVB Blog
Kevin Cheng's TVB Blog
Raymond Wong's TVB Blog
Selena Li's TVB Blog
Kenny Wong's TVB Blog
Edwin Siu's TVB Blog
Edwin Siu's TVB Blog
Benjamin Yuen's TVB Blog
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Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Gloves Come Off".

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Personal Note: Natalie is playing an 18-year-old?! o_O

Anyway, Nancy's role seems interesting; hope that it is not only written well but also given sufficient screen time.

Also, Selena looks great! :)

*Credits to 30fen, tungstar, headlinedaily, the-sun, wenweipo, 鄭嘉穎吧, and Weibo


  1. "She will get beaten by Kevin Cheng."
    Wait.. so is this saying Kevin hits Selena?

    and is Nancy paired up with anyone here?

  2. this is such a new and different idea, and all the characters seems pretty interesting...selena is going to be beaten by kevin...by 'beaten' as in physially beating her up?! O.o...that's intense..and natalie playing a 18 year old is sort of hard to believe...she looks young, but not that young! hahah hopefully it'll be a good series cause i'm mostly interesting cause of kevin and raymond lol

  3. Actually most happy that Selena will at least have some romance scenes with Edwin! Loved Selena & Edwin in the Liza series with such a long name. haha.

  4. Nancy's role definitely stands out. Kinda similar to Fala in MR. Selena looks good. Not too thrilled about Natalie. I'm glad TVB is creating new pairs!

  5. Selena's blue sweater reminds me of Tavia's during Yes Sir No Sir costume fitting =)

    Hmm...I really like the sound on Nancy's role =) wonder who's she's going to pair up with....

  6. That means Selena is the female lead since she pair with Kevin yay.

    Nancy's role does sounds interesting.

  7. argh...natalie in it is soooo spoiling....hate it to see her in this film. was expecting it, but now >.< started to hate it

  8. Selena looks good in this, hope this will be a lead and breakthrough role for her =] I'm happy to hear that she'll have a romantic storyline with Edwin, I like them as a pair =]

    Ya, I don't really like Kevin, Natalie or Nancy =S
    Same here, my first reaction, Natalie acting as an 18 year-old o_0?!

  9. to LynneD.

    Nancy has a love storyline with Power.
    Florence and Kenny are husband-wife
    Raymond's ex-girlfriend is Catherine

  10. i really wish that nancy's role will stand out ! just like how fala's did in MR. and yea, hope she has more screentime too!

  11. I'm very happy that Selena is the female lead here. She's starting to get more and more first female lead roles. I do hope this year will be a time for her to shine and get recognized. :)

  12. Hope Selena's role is as 'fierce' as Cat in FH2!
    Natalie is back to her typical spoil brat role. Anyway any more information?? So little is known compared to other series.

  13. Selena's video is in Natalie's blog by the way.

  14. To be honest, I've no good expectation for this series. The story/theme still doesn't sound interesting to me. Hope the outcome will surprise me (in a positive way).

  15. And so strange that Chow Chung plays Raymond's father, he should play his grandfather instead. He's like 20 years older than Angelina's generation ?!

  16. To AC:

    It will be one scene in which Kevin Cheng hits Selena (it should be one punch).

    To Tracy:

    Actually, the pairings in here are not new, as Kevin Cheng and Selena were paired up in "The Seventh Day", Raymond and Natalie were paired up in "A Watchdog's Tale", and Power and Nancy were paired up in "Lost in the Chamber of Love". However, these pairings are not paired up often.

    To LynneD.:

    Selena's blue jacket does resemble the one that Tavia wore at the fitting of "Sir"; however, Selena has more buttons on hers.

    To Elise:

    Selena said that this career woman will be different, as she will have a weak side to her such that she will be very fragile in the relationship department.

    To lizzy:

    Saw Selena's clip in Natalie's blog...waiting to see if they'll eventually put it back into Selena's blog.

  17. duh, was hoping for nancy and raymond, blah, natalie, spoil the fun

  18. Wow, Nancy has a real interesting role in here. She has to fight and learn sign language! Anticipating her role!

    Saw her pictures in her Weibo and she has many bruises on her leg.

    I think Selena's hair is too long to pull off the professional look. A trim would be better, but still love the fact that she is first female lead.

  19. In the wikipedia page it says that Michelle Ye is in it, is that true?

  20. To Anonymous:

    No, Michelle Ye is not in this series. Wikipedia is not a reliable source, since it can be edited by anyone.