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Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Grace Under Fire" TVBI Trailer & 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 716


Narrator: "Mok Gwai Lan. Wong Fei Hung's last woman. Had Wong Fei Hung personally pass on Iron Wire Fist and Eight Diagram Pole, and was able to develop and further promote the Mok family style, which mainly uses the legs. Women are not inferior to men. 'Grace Under Fire'".

Eddie Kwan: "This is the not the first time that Chun Wah Daily has targeted our municipal government. It should be the time to teach them how to do good work".

Raymond Wong: "It's because I'm your [Wong Fei Hung's] son that I was released. I must use my pen to fight against injustice for them".

Fala Chen: "She's a pork belly. You're a swindler. You must want to die!"

Kenneth Ma: "Why is this girl so feisty? However, also quite pretty".

Narrator: "Found the girl of his heart, but she already has her heart set on someone else. Even getting in deeper and deeper...becoming a pentagon love".

Fala Chen: "From the beginning to the end, I never liked you".

Kenneth Ma: "You treat me as a stupid guy?!"

Kenneth Ma: "You snatched my woman?!"

Liu Xuan: "Why would you like Lung?"

Fala Chen: "It's because I feel very secure when I'm with him".

Bosco Wong: "I have always considered you a good friend. Never thought of anything else".

Fala Chen: "I deceived you because I don't want to lose you! I don't want Gwai Lan to snatch you away! You obviously like her!"

Liu Xuan: "Apart from Master Wong, I will not marry anyone else".

Liu Xuan: "I chose this road myself. I hope that you will help me achieve my goal".

Law Lok Lam: "We'll have no relations afterward!"

Kenneth Ma: "Master Lui, you are deserving of 'Guangzhou's Number One'".

Dominic Lam: "I must sweep away all the losers in Guangzhou's martial arts community!"

Kenneth Ma: "I'd rather injure you so that you can't get in the ring! I don't want you to get beaten to death by Lui Kong, don't you understand?!"

Dominic Lam: "Wong Fei Hung, you're finally willing to fight with me".

Dominic Lam: "I am actually 'Guangzhou's Number One!'"

Narrator: "The death of a master--a leader of martial arts. Evil-doers quickly get moving".

Liu Xuan: "Fei Hung...."

All: "Master!"

Kenneth Ma: "City hall has already given Master Chung Poon Yan the approval to take part in this time's competition".

Dominic Lam: "Yau Sam Sui, you're so despicable as to become Japan's lackey?"

Fala Chen: "This diary is Sam Sui and Tak Cheung Yat Fu's criminal evidence".

Kenneth Ma: "Give me Tong Yuet Hang's diary. If you don't, I'll kill her!"

Edwin Siu: "How high do you think Master Chung Poon's chances of winning are?"

Kenneth Ma: "Even if there isn't 100 percent, there is 90 percent".

Edwin Siu: "I need 100 percent".

Kenneth Ma: "Then [we] may need to use a more extreme method".

Narrator: "Olympic gold medallist 'Xuan Beauty' becomes Mok Gwai Lan. Kung fu skills of the hands and legs. Spreads martial morality. Performs exquisite martial arts. Perfect postures. 'Grace Under Fire'".


Personal Note: Finally had time to translate the TVBI trailer....

*Credits to Kenwick @ 法拉城

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