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Friday, March 18, 2011

Has Confidence in Playing Villain: Kenneth Ma Hopes to Be Hated by All



Kenneth Ma, who has been in the industry for a number of years, has mostly played simple and honest youths; however, in "Grace Under Fire", he can finally try something new. This time, he plays Yau Sam Sui, who goes from being a good person to a villain; there is not only anticipation, but also the hope to be so villainous so as to get yelled at by others. After working with Kaki Leung, they have high praises for each other; however, both insist in not falling for each other in real life. Kenneth frankly said that he would only fall for the character, not his partner.

The other day, Kenneth and Kaki were at Tseung Kwan O TVB City promoting the TVB series "Grace Under Fire". Kenneth frankly said that he greatly anticipates this series, as his character, Yau Sam Sui, is different from his previous simple and honest roles. He said, "This time is my first time playing a villain. The storyline says that he suffers a lot of unjust treatment, so he goes to the other side. I greatly anticipate the feeling of slowly going from a good person to a villain. The transformation is quite big".

Kenneth said, "However, when filming, there were some scenes that were too violent and too bloody that they cannot be aired. I also want to see what got edited out. Obviously, I don't want too much to be edited out. The best would be to air it in its original version; however, some directors praised me for doing quite well, so I have a quite a bit of confidence for the villain scenes. The best would be to be so villainous so as to get yelled at by others when [I] go out; then it will be regarded as a success".

Kenneth again frankly said that if he were a successful villain, he would not rule out heading in the villain direction. He said, "After filming this series, I also have some series afterward that are both good and evil, so if the response is good, hope to be able to develop in the direction of villainous roles. In this area, the room for development is quite big...hope to be able to give everyone a new feeling--actually, Kenneth Ma is not that stupid".

Takes Care of Artistes in Same Series

Kaki Leung, who plays Kenneth Ma's wife in the series this time, has high praises for him. Kaki said, "Our entire collaboration process was very easeful. Kenneth also takes care of his partners. Would also help me think, and would bring me into the scene. Actually, always wanted to have this opportunity to collaborate with him". When asked if she would she fall for Kenneth, Kaki laughingly said, "Fall for him? Almost! However, it's just in the series". Kenneth, who was on the side, laughingly said, "Then I failed. Almost for everyone".

Personal Note: Ma Ming's comment at the end was funny! :D

Anyway, looking forward to seeing Sam Sui turn into a villain!

*Credits to appledaily, wenweipo, and singpao

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