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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Be Home for Dinner" Promotional Clips 2-4

"Be Home for Dinner" Promotional Clip 2

Narrator: "A loop of happiness. Good moods bring good gains".

Narrator: "Make good moods appear. A bit of joy. Accumulate a little more".

Narrator: "New sitcom 'Be Home for Dinner'. March 21st @ 8:00pm".

"Be Home for Dinner" Promotional Clip 3

Becky Lee: "Why are you angry?"

Jason Chan: "Just didn't go home for dinner, but got yelled at by Dad".

Becky Lee: "As the saying goes, 'Whose family's stove is smoke-free'?"

Jason Chan: "What does it mean?"

Becky Lee: "It has two meanings, such that it can mean 'whose family's stove does not make dinner', and another meaning is 'which family would not argue'".

Stephen Au: "Your dad put much thought into the matter, and you still don't understand".

Becky Lee: "He is only telling you because he wants you to go home for dinner more".

("Be Home for Dinner". March 21st @ 8:00pm.)

"Be Home for Dinner" Promotional Clip 4

Narrator: "If there is no hate, cannot be father and son. Both generations have their own insistence".

Jason Chan: "This time, I returned to Hong Kong because I want to make pastries".

Elliot Yue: "In Hong Kong, it is only 'a stupid action'! Are you stupid?!"

Narrator: "If there is no resentment, cannot be master and pupil. Training starts soon".

Jason Chan: "Privately, I want to you to be my master".

Kristal Tin: "Learning how to make Chinese dishes is very labourious. You're not even qualified to help me cut onions".

Narrator: "Quite a bit of arguing is normal. All the overnight hate disappears".

Elliot Yue: "When one's mood is not good but eats a good family dinner, all moods become good again".

Narrator: "New sitcom 'Be Home for Dinner'. March 21st @ 8:00pm".

Personal Note: Hope that the new sitcom is good!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

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