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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen @ "Book of Words" Recording



Steven Ma Takes Over as Host of "Book of Words": Inviting Numerous Friends as Guests on Programme

Steven Ma: "Hosting this programme this time, basically those whom I have invited are all of my friends--friends I want to invite. However, I am very certain that I haven't given any tips".

Kenneth Ma: "A lot of pressure--a lot--because my Chinese is actually not very good, such that I know it, but it doesn't know me".

Steven Ma: "No, when I was filming with you...."

Kenneth Ma: "There are many times such that, if you were to give me a piece of paper to read off of, I can read it. However, if you suddenly say some words and ask me to write them out, I would forget".

Fala Chen: "I can't do it".

Steven Ma: "No, I just finished filming 'The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City' with you. I think that your Chinese is also good".

Kenneth Ma: "No, for many of the words, I ask you".

Fala Chen: "Can read, but more difficult to write them out".

Steven Ma Does His Homework for Programme: Laughingly Says It Resembles the Pressure of Taking Examinations

Kenneth Ma: "Do you need to? Your Chinese is already very good".

Steven Ma: "If you see the topics, you'll know. Chinese is good, but still don't know some".

Kenneth Ma: "What?!"

Steven Ma: "Also, in terms of the hosting part, I don't feel any pressure; however, when it comes down to the words.... Even if I'm providing the questions, and even if I know the answers to the questions, I still need to know the true explanations and some of the origins. Although we have professors here, in order to truly respect the programme, I must have a more profound understanding of it. Thus, it's like going to school and taking examinations now. It's been like this for the past two weeks, and it's quite a bit of pressure".

Matching Clothes with Steven Ma: Fala Chen Says It Was Unexpected

Interviewer: "The clothing of the three of you is very matching, especially Fala and Steven".

Kenneth Ma: "Then I'll get out of the way first".

Steven Ma: "Clearly look at your chest area. Aren't there two patterns that are the same?"

Kenneth Ma: "Luckily, I can dredge up a little".

Steven Ma: "My younger sister and I, we really didn't match with each other in advance".

Fala Chen: "Didn't match with each other in advance".

Steven Ma: "It is really a coincidence--even the pants are similar".

Kenneth Ma: "Then I'll get out of the way first".

Steven Ma: "Again?!"

Fala Chen: "How would I have guessed that you would wear this colour?! I have known you so long, but I have never seen you wear this colour".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, that's true. You rarely wear this colour".

Steven Ma: "I have a few that are even more incredible. I have one that's purple".

Fala Chen: "Doing stage performances?!"

Personal Note: This season of "Book of Words" will consist of 24 episodes. Steven also mentioned that he will be inviting many of his artiste friends on to the programme, including Maggie Cheung, Tavia Yeung, and Linda Chung.

Funny how Fala asked Steven if he was doing stage performances because of the colours he will be wearing as the host of this programme.... :D


  1. That color does not look good on Steven, lol

  2. Steven is definitely a good person to host this. :) I can't wait to see Maggie be on it. Haven't seen Steven and Maggie for a long time. I always wanted them to pair up again. Loved them in Better Halves! :D

  3. Wanted to add, I want to see Maggie and Tavia film together again too. I really liked The Awakening Story, hard to find such a realistic family series with layers like that from TVB anymore. ;)

  4. ooh!!! i'm actually pretty excited to watch this!! :) cause i can be a nerd sometimes and i enjoyed the last show hahaha and i can't wait to see stars like tavia appear on the show, i'm sure she'll be very entertaining to watch cause she's such good friends with steven and she's also just so funny hahah :)
    hahah i also thought that last thing fala said about stage performances was funny, hahah the way she asked him lol

  5. i heard that kennth ma will attend "Return to the Three Kingdoms 回到三国" , is this news true?

  6. LOL " stage performance meh?" hahaha
    too colourful of clothing...but i am sure TVB should have something planned for what he should be wearing

    aha fala & steven match really well. i also like how he refers her to little sister. and then kenneth is soo cute!!!! Can't wait to see this show. I think many of the shows I've seen Steven hosts, he usually does get to just invite his friends :D and he knows a lot of really good people! So it'll be funny!!

  7. I'm excited to watch this and I love that Steven is inviting his friends to this show! That's cute lol.

    The colour is weird on Steven. He has better fashion sense in 7 Days. All his suits in 7 Days are nice.

  8. @hyn5: Maybe Fala said that because those colors don't match Steven. LOL!