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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Be Home for Dinner" Promotional Clip 1

Narrator: "Dispersing negative emotions will only lead to negative effects on everyone.

Narrator: "It is difficult to avoid arguments. Do not let negative moods spread".

Narrator: "New sitcom 'Be Home for Dinner'. March 21st @ 8:00pm".

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Personal Note: The music was quite annoying (especially after hearing it repeatedly); however, it reminds me of the music in video games, such that it sounds like the music that is used to tell you that you're running out of time to complete a stage. :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. how...interesting...hahahaha i didn't really get what was going on with their squeaky yelling and randomness hahah hopefully it would be at least an enjoyable sitcome

  2. Well it can't be any worse than Show Me the Happy, which really wastes a very talented cast. So I'm looking forward to seeing this, looks like Jason has a big role! :) Any idea who the girl is that Jason is giving flowers but she is hitting him?

  3. To Michelle:

    Jason is giving flowers to Becky Lee who, like Jason, is also a host on TVB Pearl.

  4. I'm really looking forward to Stephen Au and Kristal Tin's roles! I hope they're the main leads! aww but I wish Tsui Wing and Elvina Kong was also in it! =( I hope the storyline will be better than Someday which was extremely bad.

  5. I like this sitcom better than "Some Day". Watched it everyday when I was in HK. LOL!

    Jason has the looks, but he says his lines weird.

  6. To Guru:

    He's using his hosting voice to act, so it doesn't sound natural.

  7. Becky mainly hosts "Dolce Vita" on TVB Pearl. Her first series was "OL Supreme". She has a musical background, and she is also a vocal coach. She participated in TVB's New Talent Singing Competition (the year that Denise Ho won), but she did not take part in the finals because her mom wouldn't give her the consent to do so (she was underage, so she needed parental consent).