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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Lives of Omission" Promotional Clip 1


Michael Tse: "No ghosts? Then what happens when people die? The triads have moles. The police also has crooked cops. I screw you over, and you also screw me over. Treat you like you a brother today, but treat you like a bastard tomorrow. Sometimes when waking up, don't know if one is a human or a ghost. The road is like this, but how to walk it...really must ask the heavens".

(August 1st.)

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Personal Note: Michael sounds a little different in this promo clip.... Anyway, nice see the return of Laughing's five-dollar coin.... :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. I really like the theatrical feel to the trailer. It doesn't seem as low-budget, which is awesome! Looking forward to this!

  2. I never watched The Academy but Laughing's coin playing reminds me of Two-Face from Batman. Glad to see a series focusing on Laughing =)