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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Wax and Wane" & "The Other Truth" AOD Promotional Clip

"Wax and Wane" & "The Other Truth" AOD Promotional Clip

"The Other Truth" AOD Promotional Clip

Personal Note: Quite intense...definitely many dramatic scenes to come!


  1. oh no! kenneth looks like a reaaaaaal baddie in this one
    i kinda see the scene where natalie gets 'run over' by the car O_O eeeekkk!

  2. tavia looks really scare or probably getting sick from her expression in the elavator and keith looks scare why was tavia crying?is it cuz natalie got hit by car

  3. Omg, so intense next week :O
    Is Natalie gonna die ?

    Getting excited !!!

  4. The first trailer got me so confused. T_T

  5. @huama - That car crash scene is actually from "Wax and Wane." (Episode 16)

    I don't know if Natalie's going to die or not, but I have seen behind-the-scenes pictures of her car crash scene, and she looked pretty dead to me.

  6. lol the first trailer made it look like Kenneth is the lead in The Other Truth lol... so weird cuz he's actually only supposed to be in one story haha