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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fala Chen Afraid of Filming Kiss Scenes: Saliva Is Unhygienic



"Scoop" Clip


Michael Tse and Fala Chen attended a promotional event for "Lives of Omission". Michael, who shot to fame with the character of Laughing Gor, said, "I will not give myself much pressure. The series 'The Rippling Blossom' that I took part in is the first half of the year's ratings king, so I am already happy. (Want to win 'TV King'?) Too far. (Win 'TV King' by being chok?) Chok was not invented by me; it was initiated by Tony Leung. As a junior, I am only following!"

Fala, who is playing a pair with Michael said, "Michael really respects me. Even the kiss scenes are taken with care so that they are not overdone. I am really afraid of saliva...think that it is unhygienic".

Personal Note: He he.... Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro have fascinating, artistic charm.... :D Still think that Nicholas Tse is the chok-est! :P

*Credits to the-sun and tvb.com


  1. i share your sentiments, that Nicholas Tse is the chok-est!!!! ;-)

  2. Agree on this one! Nic is definitely the chok-est lol!