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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Lives of Omission" Promotional Clip 5


Narrator: "Only a replacement?"

Michael Tse: "Miss, can you tell me your name? Because you and one of my friends look very much alike".

Michael Tse: "I thought that Karen could only appear in my memories".

Fala Chen: "I'm not Karen. I'm Jodie".

Narrator: "Only a toy?"

Bosco Wong: "What you owe me...can't even pay it back in a lifetime!"

Bosco Wong: "I want you to pay your debt with your body".

Kate Tsui: "I'm worth it for you to use your life to hate me?!"

Bosco Wong: "Worth it!"

Narrator: "No turning back. No resentment. No regrets".

Fala Chen: "I just want to be by your side to accompany you when you fall down".

Kate Tsui: "If you make it back alive, let's start over".

Narrator: "'Lives of Omission'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Looking forward to this more and more.... :)

*Credits to lovebosco.net

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  1. i think this series would get good ratings