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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng & Kate Tsui on "Jade Solid Gold"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ron imitating Raymond is the most 'chok' he has ever been! :P

Funny how Kate does not know that she is 'chok'. He he.... ;)

*Credits to kaka


  1. Hehe, Ron and Raymond are close friends.

  2. I love these three so much, they are closer and closer... Kate - Ron - Ray --> K2R hehe

  3. lol Kate is definitely Chok, it means "cool" right?

  4. no chok kinda means 'poser'

  5. who's gonna be guest at Raymond's concert this year? Better NOT be Ron and Kate again!!!

  6. hahha i like the three of them..kate, ron and ray must be really good friends since..the four??

    hahhaha i am so confused what chok really means hahaha but ron's imitation is soo jokes!! and i think kate has that really "cool look" when she dances haha very into dancing

    how come ron and kate disappeared though??

  7. To JingMui:

    Raymond, Ron, and Kate now share the same manager as well.

    Ron and Kate were only in that segment.