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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tavia Yeung & Ruco Chan on "Fan and Kam"

Part 1

Natalie Tong and Tavia refer to Ruco as 「前輩」 because the way he carries himself is like that of a senior.

Part 2

Loved Ruco and Tavia's interactions throughout this interview, especially how Tavia kept interrupting Ruco when he was speaking in a rather serious manner. It was quite funny how they were poking fun at each other, even though it was mostly Tavia making fun of Ruco.... :P

Part 3a

Part 3b

Surprised that Tavia didn't know that Ruco was also from TVB's Acting Class, and that he was a member of Hong Kong's Table Tennis Team.

Carlo Ng, Hawick Lau, Deno Cheung, Joyce Chan, and Shirley Cheung also graduated from TVB's 7th Acting Class.

Part 4

Tavia and Ruco were very serious when discussing the topic of marriage and what they look for in a significant other (even though Ruco didn't specify the type of girl he likes).

Would definitely want Tavia and Ruco to film a more lighthearted series together! They complement each other very well!

Funny how Tavia told Ruco not to smudge her signature on the bottle after he praised the way that she signed it! :P

Interesting how Plato said, "I was wondering.... The two of you... Would there be a day when you announce that you are dating?" Funny because I basically thought the same thing during the filming of this series because of their Weibo interactions.... :D


J2 Clip

Personal Note: Since Ruco recently became a TVB-managed artiste, he should be receiving more filming opportunities. :D

*Credits to fat_peg888 @ tavia.org


  1. Poor Ruco, subject to Tavia's teasing. Tavia teases everyone. :P
    What about their weibo interactions, hyn? Sounds interesting. ;)
    LOVE the look Ruco gave Tavia when Plato asked him what is his ideal girl though. Such an "Awwww" moment. Hehe.

    Anyways very happy for Ruco and hopes he gets more opportunities!

  2. Ruco's voice is very smooth, hehe. I always see him portraying the villain, but he's actually different in real life. Thanks for sharing!

    Tavia talks A LOT.

  3. loved the interview also!
    especially the part where ruco couldn't say what his ideal type was and smiled and turned to tavia. (ooooo, are you indicating something?)
    I also liked the point the male host made that ruco has a way of 'persuading' people with the way he talks and presents himself =] sooo true after watching 'the other truth' and this interview =]

  4. watching this interview just made me appreciate tavia SO MUCH more than i already do, i've known from the start that she started off in training class and worked her way up through hard work and dedication, but knowing her reasons for it just made me appreciate her even more and know that she really deserves the place that she is at right now, she's one of the few down to earth actresses who really used hard work to pursue their passion. i just became an even bigger fan of her!

    and i love the interactions between tavia and ruco, honestly i hated ruco just cause he was always playing evil roles hahaha but i have to admit, love his character i the other truth and i love the way they're so comfortable and playful around each other, tavia is so funny always interrupting and making fun of ruco lol. it seems like there isn't a single male actor that tavia doesn't seem to get along with hahah

    and i have to agree with tracy, tavia talks a lot! ahhaha

  5. omg my thoughts exactly!! i was watching the interview and i thought, "i wonder if one day they'd come out and say they were dating" and then at the end of the interview Plato made that statement too!! hahah

    i found it funny too how tavia just interrupts ruco and at the same time, knew exactly what ruco wanted to say...haha but whenever she wasnt talking, she'd be eating hahha so funny ~!!

    i hope they film together again!

  6. Tavia seems like such a great person to have around! :D

  7. I'm lost, hyn.
    Wondering how Ruco, Hawick, etc. are from the 7th TVB acting class when Tony Leung is from the 11th; Margie Tsang, Michael Tao, etc. are from the 12th...
    I know that TVB changed the acting class format, but the numbers are confusing.

  8. oh really they had weibo interactions?

    hyn if you have time, do you think you can do a post to show us some of those interactions? thanks!

  9. I want to see Ruco in a light hearted series. This will show his versatility and Truth has proven that Ruco is a strong actor who is very likeable!

    I don't really like it that Ruco signs with TVB but the good thing is he will be promoted more and we'll be seeing more of him! :D

  10. same here I've been saying how I want Ruco to be in a light-hearted series. I want to see him in a witty yet dumb comedic role. Someone like Sokka from the animation "the last airbender" haha yes their weibo interaction also made me wonder if they liked each other or something but probably just teasing =P

  11. can you give me the links to the video? i can't view the video :(

  12. yeah Tavia talks alots make the talk show more exciting...feel the both were very sweet...the way the know each other point. You can see they most of time agree with each other view...
    Ruco said he was very happy to coordinate with Tavia, she frankly told him which is wrong or bad habit, and he taught her don not said like that...they respect each other..

    how funny Ruco force tavia call him brother Pang...

    and finally they both want to be act as a comedy.

  13. witnap:
    Hope you can see it.


  14. To Pearl:

    Like Ruco said, he is in the "new" 7th Acting Class.

    To jwk:

    They have quite a bit of interactions on Weibo, so won't be posting on them.

  15. why did they start recounting the Acting Class number? it doesn't make sense. Just let the number continue.

  16. Thanks hyn.
    Haha, agree with sport3888. ;)

  17. Ruco and Tavia add oil :D

  18. Really like both of them.Very good chemistry.